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Mia Love needs some love from voters



Mia Love needs some love from voters

There has been plenty of criticism for Representative Mia Love (R-UT) from the right and the left. The right sees her as a moderate (she is) and the left sees her as an obstacle in stealing a House seat from a red state. The combination has helped her competitor, Democrat Ben McAdams, take a 6-point lead.

New poll says Democrat Ben McAdams has opened up a 6-point lead over Rep. Mia Love tides could be turning in Utah’s hottest race of the 2018 election season, according to a new poll that puts Democrat Ben McAdams in the lead against two-term incumbent Republican Rep. Mia Love.

The poll, by KUTV and Dixie Strategies, shows McAdams with the support of 49.5 percent of likely voters in Utah’s 4th Congressional District, compared to 43 percent for Love.

My Take

I’ll be transparent. I’m not a fan of Mia Love’s. She hasn’t been the conservative star she was billed as when she was first elected. With that said, this election is far too important to let a Democrat take a House seat that should be held by a Republican.

Control of the House determines the Speaker of the House. The Speaker determines the agenda for pretty much all of Congress. While the Senate gets all the glory, it’s the House that is necessary for President Trump’s agenda to move forward. If Republicans lose control of the House, the President’s agenda will be dramatically slowed, perhaps even stopped.

No wall. No repeal and replace. No further tax cuts. No spending cuts.

I may not be a fan of the lesser-of-two-evils model we’re often faced with, but voters in Utah need to understand the consequences of giving McAdams a seat. Every seat counts this election and the GOP cannot afford to lose this one.


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