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Mainstream media’s Trump-hate is becoming comical



Mainstream medias Trump-hate is becoming comical

An excellent piece today pointed to the fact that mainstream media has become militant in their attacks on President Trump. Like the author, I’m not the bow-down-to-everything-he-does type of Trump supporter that many are nowadays, but I appreciate the good he’s been able to do and I’m thankful Hillary Clinton’s not in office.

But what mainstream media has done is made a mockery of their very existence. They no longer put up the pretenses they once did with President Bush. There’s no subtlety in the way they handle their bias. They’re blatant and unabashed.

Militant mainstream media really is more divisive than President Trump all brings us to where we are today. The incessant chanting by mainstream media that President Trump is dividing us is precisely the action that is dividing us. They have become the truest form of division within our country, and it’s by design. Perhaps they don’t even realize it. Perhaps they truly believe their divisiveness is somehow going to heal us. I doubt it. I think they know exactly what they’re doing. They’re pulling from the propaganda playbook and using journalistic doublespeak to convince weak-minded people that their attacks are the solution, not the cause of all the division.

What this has done is create an atmosphere of discontent that’s humorous if you stop to think about it. Instead of reaching everyone, they’ve isolated their messages to only reach the leftists who still listen to them. They cannot harm President Trump with criticism anymore because the people who agree already hate him and the people who know the media’s true nature don’t trust them. They are swaying literally nobody.

This is the biggest reason we need to expand this site. It’s time for conservative news to take over.

The Jim Acostas and Rachel Maddows of the world have been exposed as clowns. We should laugh at them, but we should also pity them. Keep in mind… they don’t realize they’re clowns. They actually think they’re making a difference. Shhhhhh.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Public Citizen

    October 29, 2018 at 5:21 pm

    The ultimate tragedy of these individuals is that they are functioning human beings but they are completely insane.
    It is a special sort of insanity in that it is communicable to those who posses, often through the abuses perpetrated by the Public Schools, a weak mind and poor faculties of reasoning.
    Until we collectively figure out how to effectively deal with this sort of insanity, either through sequestration or diversion from public channels of communication, the insanity will continue to be spread, to the debilitation of society in general as we are currently witnessing through the breakdown in civil discourse.

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