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3 facts about the migrant caravan that everyone (even Democrats) should know



3 facts about the migrant caravan that everyone even Democrats should know

For the briefest of moments, let’s take the politics out of the migrant caravan heading towards the southern United States border. It’s hard as feelings on both sides of the political aisle have been strong about the mass of people approaching. For as long as it takes to read three facts, please put your politics aside.

These three facts come from a single Associated Press story that has been widely circulated to its affiliates. It is thankfully free of spin, only reporting facts, including three startling ones that should be understood by any American trying to form an opinion about them:

  1. Reports of two possible child abductions have come from within the caravan. Anyone so naive to believe the migrant caravan, which is heavily comprised of adult males under 35-years-old, is not rife with criminals should be aware they’re already a danger even before the caravan arrives. Women are quoted as being scared but are unable to turn around now.
  2. A nun had to scold the young, healthy men who are taking up all the room on trucks that periodically come by to help migrants get from one city to the next. If you’re expecting chivalrous young men ready to contribute to American society, you probably don’t want to look at the caravan. Apparently, many would rather take a free ride rather than allow pregnant women, children, or the elderly to receive the support.
  3. Mexico’s new “You Are Home” program has been a bust. The whole idea of the caravan was allegedly to seek safety, security, shelter, and jobs. Mexico is offering that to anyone who will take it. However, as the caravan swells to nearly 10,000 people, only 111 have accepted the generous offer of pretty much exactly what the caravan claims to want. Most who accepted were injured people, pregnant women, elderly, or children.

The President and other public figures have taken a beating in the press over “unsubstantiated” claims that the migrant caravan has criminal or even potential terrorist elements in its midst. One only needs to appeal to their common sense to know with a certainty this is true in a group of people this big, but the leftist mainstream media narrative doesn’t allow for common sense, logic, or the truth.

Evidence is mounting that there are very dangerous people in the caravan, people who are doing harm in the caravan itself even before it has arrived at its destination. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. Even the Associated Press is forced to report it now.


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