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Google News ‘algorithm’ lists Trump hit piece as top headline



Google News algorithm lists Trump hit piece as top headline

It’s always the algorithm’s fault.

Google News, which claims to allow the algorithm to decide what stories get top billing on any particular subject at any particular moment, is supposed to be able to differentiate between news and opinion. It allegedly bases its rankings on popularity of a story through links and social media as well as relative popularity based on traffic spikes by source.

They have implied multiple times that they do not manually promote stories. This seems impossible with the current top story which is clearly an opinion piece and is not being given extra juice from inbound links from other sources. It has been heavily shared, but not much more than other popular stories on The Daily Beast. Yet somehow this story beat the algorithm and made it to the very top of Google News.

My Take

Let’s go ahead and state the obvious. Any claims that this article was not manually promoted to the top are bogus. Five Pinocchios.

Manipulative, leftist mainstream media, which includes the “unbiased” rankings on Google News, is doing everything in their power to derail the Republicans. They don’t smell blood, so they’re stabbing and slicing anywhere they can to draw some.


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