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Steve Wilson, who told 9/11 widow her husband should ‘rot in the grave,’ fired from job



Steve Wilson who told 911 widow her husband should rot in the grave fired from job

Free speech is a wonderful thing, even when it is ugly. It means people like Steve Wilson can say horrid things to a 9/11 widow. It means her son can come to her defense.

It does not protect people from all consequences, just those that can come from an oppressive government. Wilson learned idiotic actions have consequences when his employer exercised their right to act when they saw how verbally abusive this putrid piece of inhumanity really was.

I have no idea what politics, if any, are present with Self Enhancement Inc’s management or ownership, but when the stupidity of an employee is blasted out to the masses, any self-preserving organization knows they must act. They fired him.

On the company’s homepage, they say this:

We remove barriers. We educate kids. We engage families. We improve communities.

It’s good to know the unhinged Antifa leftist is no longer working with them. This isn’t the type of guy you’d want anywhere near children.


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