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Mainstream media NEEDS Democrats to win to prove they’re not really worthless



Mainstream media NEEDS Democrats to win to prove theyre not really worthless

We often post stories about the leftist tendencies of most mainstream media outlets. A majority of stories look at mainstream media’s unhinged attitude towards President Trump or their adoration of Democrats. I think it may actually be more personal than that.

In 2016, mainstream media delivered the election to Hillary Clinton. First, they gave Donald Trump all the free advertising he needed in the primaries to step over the vast GOP field. They did this because Democrats and media deemed him the easiest target in the general election. Then, they turned on him once he got the nomination so Hillary would be the next President.

Their plan was executed flawlessly. They dropped bombshells at the right moment, insulated Hillary as best they could, and gave the American public every reason to believe Trump would send the nation into the dark ages by mid-2017 if allowed to sit in the Oval Office.

We all know how that story ended. Now, mainstream media needs a string of wins that will deliver the House and/or Senate to the Democrats. To the public, they’ll say they’re just doing their jobs. Behind closed doors, they’ll say it’s to stop President Trump’s agenda from succeeding. Most may even believe one or both of these things. Neither are as true as what’s in the deep places they won’t discuss openly or even behind closed doors.

In their heart of hearts, the people who work in mainstream media need the Democrats to win in order to regain their confidence and prove they’re not as worthless as 2016 proved them to be.

They want 2016 to be viewed as a fluke. They want Americans to know the media actually owns DC and determines winners and losers. The 2018 midterm elections represent the first opportunity for them to “get their balls back,” the ones that were snipped off when President Trump neutered them.


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