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Steve Hilton: Make Saudi Arabia pay… cash



The whole of mainstream media and Washington DC – Democrats and Republicans – have attempted to hide a fact from us for decades. We hear about radical Islamic extremists all the time coming from Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia. We rarely hear about arguably the most extreme sect of Islam: Wahhabism.

Why don’t we hear much about it? Because it’s the driving force behind Saudi Arabia’s extremist ideology.

With Jamal Khashoggi’s murder shining a bright light on the Kingdom, it’s leaders is general, and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman in particular, now is the right time to make the Saudis use some of their massive amounts of cash to promote moderate Islamic principles. That’s the suggestion of Steve Hilton at Fox News.

My Take

Right idea, wrong recipient. Instead of investing money into “moderate” Islam, Saudi Arabia should be told to willingly contribute money and land to benefit some of the causes Khashoggi believed in. An obvious example of this would be to build safe and secure refugee camps for those who have been displaced by war in the Middle East.

Start bringing people home, or at least closer to home.

Saudi Arabia has plenty of land, tons of cash, and the potential for infrastructure that could allow them to build a small city that refugees can make their permanent home. I think Khashoggi would have liked to see that.


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