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Danny Tarkanian has a message for his competitor and the people of Nevada



Danny Tarkanian has a message for his competitor and the people of Nevada

Nevada needs ICE. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement is always in the news with most Democrats panning it while most Republicans support their efforts of capturing and removing criminal illegal immigrants. Some Democrats are even calling for the abolition of ICE altogether.

Danny Tarkanian’s opponent, Susie Lee, is one of those Democrats.

Anecdotally, it seems that most Independent voters and fair-minded people on both sides of the political aisle will acknowledge that there are challenges with ICE that must be addressed while refraining from calling for it to disappear or be replaced. No law enforcement agency in the nation is as properly trained and equipped to handle the growing problem of illegal immigration.

Let’s fix the immigration system. Let’s build the wall. Let’s sit at a table and discuss how to handle the illegal immigrants who are already here. Calling for the end of ICE is ridiculous. If Danny Tarkanian sits in Congress, he will do everything he can to prevent that from happening.

The elimination of ICE would surrender border security and end the enforcement of our federal immigration laws. I will not stand by and allow that to happen.


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