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Don Lemon invokes Kanye West’s mother to insult him after Oval Office meeting



It wasn’t just Don Lemon. There was a universal hatred from mainstream media and the entertainment world towards Kanye West’s appearance at Oval Office yesterday. They were acting embarrassed for him, ridiculing him, and saying nothing of the relevance of his visit.

West is much, much more than a rapper. If he were just an entertainer like Taylor Swift or Robert De Niro, I’d be a lot less interested in what he has to say. But he proved yesterday and with his actions before that he’s more than an entertainer. He’s a business leader, an activist for Chicago, and an icon for millions. I don’t agree with some, perhaps most of his perspectives and solutions, but his credentials make him a better choice for a White House visit than many who have sat in the Oval Office in the past.

They say when Republicans go low, they’ll go high. Well, Lemon went as low as he possibly could by declaring West’s deceased mother would be ashamed of her son for his visit. It doesn’t get much lower than that. Shame on you, Don.

Watch the video from The Five.


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