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Drone footage of Hurricane Michael’s destruction



155 MPH winds from category 4 Hurricane Michael decimated Mexico Beach, Florida. Some areas along the coast are absolutely flattened. At least five have been reported killed by the hurricane and death tolls are expected to rise dramatically.

Mexico Beach left in ruins by Michael“It’s gone. It’s gone,” Baldwin said before her cameraman panned to long rows of leveled homes below. “It’s — it’s obliterated.”

At least two people died in the storm, and federal officials fear the death toll could rise as search and rescue crews begin to assess the damage.

Roads to Mexico Beach were virtually impassable, so Baldwin, who spent the night in nearby Destin, Fla., chartered a chopper to get the view from above. Fires could be seen burning in the distance, homes shredded and boats strewn across the town of about 1,100 people.

The President is expected to visit as soon as it’s feasible. Rescue and recovery efforts are already underway.

The most powerful hurricane to ever hit the Florida panhandle came as a surprise to most as it rapidly increased strength overnight just prior to hitting.

Donate or volunteer at Volunteer Florida.

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Liz Wheeler on the most disgusting part of the Jussie Smollett scandal



Liz Wheeler on the most disgusting part of the Jussie Smollett scandal

There are plenty of things about the Jussie Smollett scandal that should disgust us. The instant reaction by celebrities, politicians, and the media is right there at the top, especially when we consider how many are now saying, “let’s wait for the facts.” The notion that a successful gay black man thought it appropriate to make himself seem like a victim is also up there.

As One America News Network’s Liz Wheeler points out, we should also be disgusted that Smollett chose this victim status over being a strong leader and role model for less privileged black and gay people who could have looked up to him for his strength instead of now being scornful of his weakness.

What does that say about America when the left tries so hard to build the narrative that everything is wrong, they’re unwilling to recognize the real problems that are plaguing America. Why? Because they’re the biggest part of the problem.


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Amazon backs out of NYC headquarters



Amazon backs out of NYC headquarters

One of the most talked-about business decisions last year was Amazon’s choice of New York City (technically, Long Island City across from Manhattan) as one of its new headquarter homes. Opposition to the deal was heavy from both sides as the right thought the price in the form of tax cuts was too high while the left wondered why a company the size of Amazon needed tax cuts in the first place.

Now, it seems like it’s a moot point. Amazon has decided to pull out of New York City while continuing their plans with Washington DC and Nashville.

My Take

Is this a negotiating tool? That would be hard to swallow since the deal they were getting was so good, it’s hard to imagine needing to negotiate for even more incentives. Then again, it’s Amazon. It’s Jeff Bezos. They have a ton of influence and would be considered an amazing prize for any city, even the biggest of them all.

We’ll keep a close eye on this one. It’s not that we’re overly concerned about the business moves of Amazon, but this new development puts such a new wrinkle in understanding one of the most powerful companies in the world.


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Trump asks California to return $3.5 billion for bullet train, but plans appear to still be moving forward



Trump asks California to return 35 billion for bullet train but plans appear to still be moving forw

The dream of past Democrats to have a speedy, environmentally friendly train that connected San Francisco and Los Angeles is officially dead. New Governor Gavin Newsom declared earlier this week it was time to pull the plug on the failed project that has already cost a ton of money while facing years of delays.

Now, President Trump is asking for the federal government’s money back.

Green disaster, indeed.

This project was doomed from the start in the eyes of many observers, particularly those who recognize the reality that whatever big projects the government decides to undertake will invariably cost more, take longer, and work worse than anticipated. This train was no exception as it’s best-case scenario placed it being complete by 2033.

Now, it’s not going to happen… or is it? According to Curbed SF, a more modest stretch will continue to be built between Merced and Bakersfield. They also quoted local politicians in San Francisco who said the project will still include the full scope of the original plan.

Estimates put the project at $37 billion over budget. Meanwhile Los Angeles can barely contain its homeless problem and San Francisco has more drug abusers than public school children. Yes, California is a shining example of poor prioritization by the far-leftists in charge.

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