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Don’t blame the shows for getting political. Blame activist celebrities… and stop supporting their activism.



Dont blame the shows for getting political Blame activist celebrities and stop supporting their acti

There has been a lot of chatter on social media about how political (shocker!) last night’s American Music Awards were. With a 29% decrease in viewers, it continued the trend of award shows getting political and Americans choosing to tune them out.

American Music Awards Ratings Plummet to Record Low as Entertainers Push Politics three-hour program lost 25% of its 18-43 year-old viewers (1.8 rating/6.5 million viewers) from 2017, Variety reported Wednesday. The overall broadcast audience (2.4 rating/9.2 million viewers) suffered an even steeper decline of 29%.

“This is the latest example of an awards show seeing serious declines year-over-year. Back in September, the Emmy Awards on NBC also put up an all-time low,” Variety notes.

Some are calling for continued boycotts, which apparently have been working for a while. Others are telling the award shows to ban political speech from their winners. This is an interesting idea, but one that would come with consequences.

First, anyone making the Freedom of Speech argument misses the point. These awards shows are either private companies or sponsored by private companies. If they want to write out prepared vanilla speeches for all the winners to recite, that’s their choice.

But the mere appearance of censorship will cause a backlash that would not benefit the shows but would benefit those who choose to get political. So any attempt to make it apolitical by rule will result in the indignant celebrities either breaking the rules to raucous cheers or expressing their views about censorship on other channels, thereby amplifying their voice.

The sad part is these activist winners aren’t hurt at all by plummeting ratings. They win the award whether anyone watches them or not. The boost in sales from being seen winning is negligible. They’d rather be seen as activists by fewer people than by non-activists by more people.

As much as many Americans want them to shut up and do their jobs by entertaining us instead of scolding us, the only real way to make that happen is to stop supporting them. Don’t buy their music. Don’t even listen to it. Don’t reward their outbursts with financial gain. Tell your friends not to do it, either. If they want to be activists, let them be activists. Stop paying them to do it.

Their voices and the cumulative voices of their fans are great. The only way to get them to shut up and entertain us as they should is to reduce their sales. As long as they’re rewarded for being activists, they’ll keep being activists. Make them entertain again.

Entertainment and Sports

Man who identifies as transgender woman wins Cycling World Championships



Man who identifies as transgender woman wins Cycling World Championships

Rachel McKinnon. a transgender woman who was born male and possesses all the physical advantages of a man, won the 2018 UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Los Angeles. It’s the latest event that draws questions about the fairness of biological males competing in female events.

Despite outcry by biological females and men alike, it is being billed by some as a victory for the LGBTQ community and transgender men or women around the world. Critics point out that biological males have an unfair advantage over biological females when it comes to activities that require physical strength, speed, or endurance. That doesn’t seem to deter those competing in these events.

Biological Male Wins World Championship Event in Women’s Cycling celebrated the victory on Twitter, writing: “First transgender woman world champion … ever.” Later, the professor responded to criticism from “transphobic bigots” by tweeting:

Allowing biological males who identify as transgender women to compete in women’s athletic events has been a controversial subject, as critics argue that it puts female competitors at an inherent disadvantage.

My Take

Unlike some of my colleagues, I have no problem with transgenderism. What I have a problem with is the unfairness of women’s competitive sports being infiltrated by those who have clear and scientifically demonstrable biological advantages over their competitors.

If performance enhancing drugs are frowned upon in sports, what could be more performance-enhancing than growing up with the musculature and hormone advantage of a man, then competing in women’s sports?

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The moon landing was an American achievement despite movie’s depiction



The moon landing was an American achievement despite movies depiction

Any achievement by a human is a human achievement. Common sense tells us this, but that didn’t stop actors and the director for First Man from using this as the excuse for not showing one of the most iconic moments in world history, the planting of the American flag on the moon.

I won’t be seeing this movie because of its clear political motivations (contrary to their denials) and attempt to downplay America’s solitary role in this wonderful achievement. Apparently, I’m not alone.

Weekend Box Office: ‘First Man’ Losing Badly to ‘Star Is Born,’ ‘Venom’ Saturday (Oct. 13) brings a course change, Universal’s critically acclaimed astronaut drama First Man is headed for a muted domestic debut of $16.8 million after earning $5.9 million on Friday from 3,640 theaters. The hope is that the adult-skewing film will be buoyed by a long run throughout awards season.

It’s not clear so far whether a dust-up over Chazelle’s decision not to show the famous image of Armstrong planting the American flag on the moon is impacting the film, whose theater count includes Imax runs.

No matter how much Hollywood hates America and does everything it can to downplay our accomplishments while highlighting our mistakes, many Americans are unwilling to reward them for their hatred. This was a conscious decision to spite the United States. It’s plain and simple.

It isn’t just an insult to Americans. It wasn’t received very well by some who participated in the event.

Buzz Aldrin slams ‘First Man’ for not showing US flag during moon landing Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin took a swipe at the upcoming movie “First Man” late Sunday for its director’s decision not to show the planting of the American flag on the moon during the historic 1969 mission.

Aldrin, 88, who was the second man to step on the moon, behind crewmate Neil Armstrong, posted historical photos of the flag-planting and added the hashtag “Proud to be an American.”

“Patriotism” may be a dirty word in Hollywood, but there are still millions of Americans who take pride in our achievements. To those Americans, I ask this: Please do not reward anti-American political statements by going to see First Man.

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Don Lemon invokes Kanye West’s mother to insult him after Oval Office meeting



Don Lemon invokes Kanye Wests mother to insult him after Oval Office meeting

It wasn’t just Don Lemon. There was a universal hatred from mainstream media and the entertainment world towards Kanye West’s appearance at Oval Office yesterday. They were acting embarrassed for him, ridiculing him, and saying nothing of the relevance of his visit.

West is much, much more than a rapper. If he were just an entertainer like Taylor Swift or Robert De Niro, I’d be a lot less interested in what he has to say. But he proved yesterday and with his actions before that he’s more than an entertainer. He’s a business leader, an activist for Chicago, and an icon for millions. I don’t agree with some, perhaps most of his perspectives and solutions, but his credentials make him a better choice for a White House visit than many who have sat in the Oval Office in the past.

They say when Republicans go low, they’ll go high. Well, Lemon went as low as he possibly could by declaring West’s deceased mother would be ashamed of her son for his visit. It doesn’t get much lower than that. Shame on you, Don.

Watch the video from The Five.

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