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Continued protests and lawmaker whining matches the leftists’ unhinged message



Continued protests and lawmaker whining matches the leftists unhinged message

“We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to let you take it anymore.” That pretty much sums up what anti-Kavanaugh leftists and their heroic representatives on Capitol Hill are saying now that Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed.

The deal is done. The gig is up. The right thing happened in the end and America has been ready to move on from this ugly episode for at least a couple of weeks now. Unfortunately, the Democrats aren’t going to let anyone move on. Their leaders need to justify their failure to block Kavanaugh by saying it helped them win the midterm elections. They need this to appear to have been a winning strategy all along even as indicators declare their best move is to put it behind them.

Now is their moment to drag this out all the way to election day. Democrats in the House and Senate were likely giving each other high-fives when the Christine Blasey Ford accusations first surfaced. This was their September surprise they were going to be able to ride into more October surprises, all leading to November victories.

Their problem is that they misjudged the reaction of the people to their constant attacks and shifted tactics on Kavanaugh. The soon-to-be-Justice came across badly during his interview on Fox News. He reversed his milquetoast attitude from the interview and turned the knob to an eleven for his Senate Judicial Committee defense testimony which made him look even worse. Then his cherry on the cake was his WSJ op-ed that defended his testimony while apologizing for his emotional reactions.

All of this should have played right into the Democrats’ hands, but they didn’t take into account that the only people who watched the interview, watched his testimony, and read the op-ed were the politically minded minority of Americans who had already made up their minds. These are the Democrats who were always going to vote for Democrats, the Republicans who were always going to vote Republican, and the Independents who have already decided which direction they’re going to lean.

Democrats and mainstream media do not seem to realize that the politically minded minority does not win or lose elections. They think by appealing to these people, they’re going to energize their base. They still haven’t learned the lesson about today’s society that candidate Trump taught us. It’s all about soundbites, Tweets, and optics.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, the continuation of their course is going to damage them further. These protests make the protesters feel better, but they do not play well to the general public. Disrupting today’s roll call was likely viewed by the protesters as sending a message to America that the votes were wrong. Instead, Americans watching the vote were dismayed by the delay of the inevitable.

Protesters thus far have only been able to get themselves arrested and waste our collective time.

As for Democratic lawmakers, their campaign failures are even more glaring. They now realize based upon polls that obstructing Kavanaugh’s confirmation has made them, not the Republicans, look bad. It might be what they think their base wants, but they’re making calls from the Anita Hill playbook. It worked for them then, but today is different. Voters are more aware of political strategies than they were before. They’re told by the media outlets they watch and read that their moves are mostly fruitless and intended for the audience instead of confirmation process itself. They’ve tried to manipulate the same way they did in 1992, but their tactics are discussed today while they weren’t discussed 26 years ago. All of this has led to very bad messaging.

Midterm election messaging woes

What Democrats have done is given their base a set of talking points and complex ideas, then let the base dictate where they’re going to take their messaging. Much of their base is energized by the concepts of socialism, so more of the Democrats’ messaging is embracing socialist tenets. Much of their base has embraced the #MeToo movement as a sort of anti-patriarchy gospel, so the Democrats’ messaging has focused on women. These messages aren’t playing nearly as well as they’d hoped.

But it really isn’t the Democratic base’s fault. They’re the victims of a botched and confusing set of narratives coming from various Democratic lawmakers and candidates that don’t conform with most Americans’ perspectives while also not jibing with each other. The core of Democratic messaging can be broken down to one contradiction. They love America but they blame America’s past and present for what America has become and is becoming. If sounds confusing, it’s because it is, but that’s really at the core of a handful of Democratic messages.

Here are some of the narratives coming out of Democratic campaign camps:

  • Capitalism is bad, therefore we need to be socialists while maintaining the good aspects of capitalism to drive it. Huh?
  • Believe the accusers regardless of how thin their accusations might be, unless they’re accusing Keith Ellison with plenty of supporting evidence, in which case you can’t believe the accuser. Huh?
  • We will pay for everything for you by taking your money and using it to pay for things so you won’t have to pay for them yourself. Huh?
  • President Trump’s tariffs are horrible. We instead need Senator Schumer, Sanders, and Warren to put forth their tariff plan which is almost exactly like Trump’s, but since it won’t have the Trump name on it we’ll like it even though we hate it now. Huh?
  • The economy is bad even if indicators say it’s good, but if you’re prospering more now than before then you must vote Democrat so we can do what we weren’t able to do when we were in power before because this time is different. Oh, and the economy is bad. Huh?

Yes, to any conservative and most thoughtful moderates these concepts seem strange, but if you break down the messaging coming from Democratic candidates’ campaigns this is pretty much what they’re saying.

As they continue to pump out #MeToo, socialist, and anti-Trump/Kavanaugh messages, their poll numbers will continue to fall. Democrats have failed to understand Americans are more aware of campaign tactics than ever before. This is why they’ll lose in November.

Image via Chicago Tribune.

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