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If Kavanaugh isn’t confirmed, he should do as Colonel David Riggins did



If Kavanaugh isnt confirmed he should do as Colonel David Riggins did

At this point, it still seems very likely Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Despite rampant stall tactics that have been used since well before Christine Blasey Ford and others laid down their accusations, the process seems destined to result in confirmation.

If it doesn’t end well for Kavanaugh, he should do as Colonel David Riggins did last year.

Moonbattery Colonel David Riggins Was Kavanaughed; How He Fought Back story from last year deserves another look in light of the travesty no-holds-barred Democrats have made of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. In 2013, highly decorated Army Colonel David Riggins was about to be promoted to Brigadier General when a woman accused him of raping her at West Point in 1986.

As you would expect regarding sexual abuse in the distant past, an investigation failed to either prove or disprove the allegation. But the accusation alone was enough to scuttle Riggins’s promotion, as Democrats clearly hope will be the case with Kavanaugh’s promotion to the Supreme Court.

While the cases are clearly different, the situations are similar and the stakes are variations of the same thing: a great job. Riggins lost a promotion over unsubstantiated accusations. If the same happens to Kavanaugh, he should do as Riggins did and sue Ford as well as others who have falsely accused him.

It’s hard to say if a jury would award him anywhere near the $8.4 million Riggins received, but any vindication after this debacle will likely be happily accepted by Kavanaugh and his family.


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