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White House caving on bump stocks will not satisfy gungrabbers



White House caving on bump stocks will not satisfy gungrabbers

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are on the brink of caving to special interest outcry against bump stocks. A year after the Las Vegas massacre, the Justice Department is in the final stages of classifying them as “machine gun” parts which will ban their sale in America.

Trump says a ban on bump stocks, which were used in Vegas shooting, is ‘two or three weeks’ away Rifle Association leaders said they were open to limits on bump stocks four days after the Las Vegas shooting.

“Devices designed to allow semiautomatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations,” NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre and executive director Chris Cox said in a joint statement.

My Take

This train had too much momentum to stop. It’s a shame because most people, even 2nd Amendment rights activists who support the ban, do not realize exactly what this represents. It’s the first domino and if it’s not contained, more will fall.

By supporting the federal government’s ability to define what we can and cannot use to defend ourselves, gun rights advocates join the gungrabbers in opening the door to further restrictions. When does it stop? A Republican President with Republicans controlling the House and Senate were unable to make a proper case for preserving our rights on a basic piece of equipment. Will they cave on battles over scopes, magazines, silencers, and mods? Given enough pressure, yes.

The argument that made many at the NRA and conservative think tanks cave is that the only conceivable use for bump stocks is something like what happened in Las Vegas. This argument pulls at the heartstrings and barely reaches the first layer of proper reasoning. In other words, it’s a surface argument.

What these “advocates,” including the White House itself, should be saying is that any restrictions, including bans on bump stocks, degrade the 2nd Amendment by giving authority where it does not belong. Our ability to defend ourselves from crime or tyranny cannot be allowed to erode because of the actions of Stephen Paddock or any murderers, period.

The other argument, albeit weak at its core, is that if we don’t give gungrabbers a win on something that had a good amount of public support, then we’re the bad guys. Wrong. Guess what. We’re going to be the bad guys to the gungrabbers and their supporters regardless of what is banned. Unless every gun is taken out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, they’ll never be satisfied. Caving to them on this or any issue is the wrong approach.

This came down to optics. Republicans generally fell into one of two camps: publicly embracing the demands of gungrabbers or avoiding the issue. Where were those fighting to preserve our rights?


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