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President Trump accepts Senate request to “update” FBI file on Kavanaugh



“All current credible allegations” are to be investigate by the FBI for one week according to a new order from President Trump. The order followed a call by the Senate to delay Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to have the FBI investigation.

The judge has been accused by three women of sexual misconduct as a youth. These allegations all sprung up days before he was to be recommended by the Senate Judiciary Committee for confirmation by the Senate.


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As media, Democrats turn to other topics, we need to keep up the pressure for the wall



As media Democrats turn to other topics we need to keep up the pressure for the wall

I’ll keep this short.

There was more coverage yesterday about what the Clemson Tigers football team ate at the White House than the crisis at the border or the government shutdown. Why? Because sentiment is shifting among the people. We’ve grown very tired of the government shutdown and at this point, even those who do not support the President are starting to tell Democrats to just fund the darn wall and be done with it.

In standard misdirection style, Democrats and mainstream media are trying to change the topic. They’re talking about NATO. They’re back on the Russia story. They’re laughing at hamburgers for football players while ignoring the two elephants in the room.

Therein lies their problem. They realize that the two big challenges – border security and the government shutdown – can be solved by giving the President the funding he’s requesting for a small stretch of wall at our southern border. The people are starting to ask whether or not this is really the hill upon which the Democrats want to do futile battle.

Now is not the time to back down. We’re close. They’re going to crack first. We just have to expedite their blink to mitigate damage being done to those affected by the shutdown.

Democrats and their media lapdogs realize sentiment is growing that the border crisis is, indeed, a crisis. Now, they’re trying to change subjects. We cannot back down. Alert your representatives you want the wall funded and the government opened today.

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As progressive tariffs continue, China scores biggest trade surplus in history



As progressive tariffs continue China scores biggest trade surplus in history

When Senators Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders agree on an economic policy, most Republicans object. They were objecting when the Democratic Senators pushed tariffs against China a couple of years ago because they knew it was a bad idea. Unfortunately, sound advice from fiscal conservatives couldn’t break through President Trump’s bubble. Now, most Republicans believe in the progressive concept of “fair trade” instead of the conservative notion of “free trade.”

The saddest part is most Republicans who support the President’s tariffs don’t even realize he stole the idea from the progressive Senators in the first place. They’re so locked into tribal bickering and party politics that they don’t take a moment to question anything the President does. This isn’t the first time conservatives have abandoned sound principles for the sake of party unity. People who still claim to be conservatives were silent when the President pushed for his bump stock ban. They started nodding their heads in sheepish agreement as Republican lawmakers and the President started echoing leftist calls for red flag gun laws that betray the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendments. They call for the wall at all costs, and while I definitely agree we need a wall, I would not accept breaching Natural Rights to property through the use of eminent domain, which President Trump used gleefully before he was elected President.

Now, as we’re seeing results of China’s economy rebounding with a record trade surplus in spite of the ineffective tariffs the President has imposed, two groups of people continue to pay the fees to the United States government. It’s not China. Their companies are simply charging more to compensate. That means the money being fed to the United States government is coming from American businesses and consumers.

Republicans understood this when they opposed Schumer’s and Sanders’ Chinese tariff proposals, but since the President adopted them, suddenly tariffs are a good idea.

There’s a reason trade deficit is not a true indicator of economic success. As the economy gets better, companies in the country tend to import more. Trying to reverse the trade deficit is both illogical and counterproductive. We should be focused on cutting regulations and costs to American businesses, not raising them as tariffs invariably do. This is why the free trade market-driven economy works so well in the 21st century. The only benefit of tariffs is driving more revenue paid by Americans into government coffers.

Notice how the economy rebounded when the President and Capitol Hill cut taxes. The reaction was strong and nearly universal. You could see more jobs being created, more wages being earned, and more companies wanting to do their business in America instead of abroad. How many jobs have come back to America since the President started his tariff money-grab nearly a year ago? The benefits have been negligible. In fact, one can argue that the tariffs have started taking away many of the gains that came from cutting taxes in the first place.

The President demonstrated his total misunderstanding of the benefits and detriments to tariffs during the GOP primary season. Now, the same lawmakers who opposed tariffs then have either remained silent or expressed tepid optimism about them. This optimism isn’t based on a new understanding of what tariffs do. It’s based solely on the fear that they would get ousted like Jeff Flake or Bob Corker if they challenge the President’s policies.

The positives that came from the tax cuts are systematically being reversed by the negatives of tariffs. Conservatives used to understand this. Now, they’re sticking their collective heads in the sand in hopes when they pull them out, the tariffs will be gone.

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3 reasons to build the wall despite polls showing it isn’t popular



3 reasons to build the wall despite polls showing it isnt popular

Why does a constitutional republic work while a true democracy would not? Because the general public in most countries and particularly in the United States form political opinions based on the wrong factors while not spending the time actually researching the facts, opinions, projections, and options. As I’ve said in a previous video about sheep, these four components go into what I call the “FOPO method” to form my own political perspectives. Unfortunately, most Americans either check to see what their preferred political icon of the moment says on a subject or they make a gut reaction without knowing the full implications of what they support.

Depending on what side of a debate the media and each political party is on will determine how much attention is paid to polls. But that attention only goes towards making an argument, whether it’s an argument for a particular piece of legislation, a political stance, or the vote for or against a politician. But when it comes to actual actions made by the federal government, the will of the people is usually ignored. It’s all about public relations, not actual policy making.

We’ve seen in recent days the poll numbers that show Republicans and the President are taking most of the blame for the government shutdown. We’ve also seen most Americans are apparently against building a border wall, thanks in large part to the first poll that shows Americans want the government shutdown ended, not to mention mainstream media’s incessant onslaught of anti-wall propaganda. I could go on for hours about how using the shutdown now is a failure on the part of the Republicans for not tackling the border wall when they had the power to do so, but that’s the past. It’s time to look ahead and figure out how we’re going to get it done now that Democrats are in charge of the House.

One thing is certain: the polls are wrong. It’s not that they’re inaccurate, but the way polls are administered helps determine the outcome. In nearly every case, poll questions are worded in a way to deliver the desired outcome. If the questions were framed differently, the results would be very different. For example, if you asked Americans the following question, I believe most would support building the wall.

“Should America adopt similar security efforts that Israel applied to their southern border six years ago, which decreased illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and terrorist incursions by over 95%?”

What Israel did six years ago was, of course, build a wall. That wall worked. Even the most progressive anti-wall activists in the nation had to acknowledge it did what it was supposed to do.

There are three reasons we shouldn’t simply listen to the polls to determine policy.

  1. The people are often wrong. Most Americans supported invading Iraq. Few can now argue this was a good move. Most Americans were against getting involved in the World Wars. Even fewer can argue that we should have let Germany win either war, which they would have had the United States gotten involved. It’s not that Americans are dumb. It’s that our sentiment is too easily swayed by propaganda and the will of those we idolize.
  2. Even when the people are right, government doesn’t act on it. 82% of Americans support term limits on Capitol Hill. We occasionally get an upstart politicians who tackles it, but when was the last time term limits were seriously discussed on the floor? Oh, right. Never.
  3. Opinions change too quickly. Around a decade ago, gay marriage was opposed by a majority of Americans. In fact, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were against gay marriage when they ran for president in 2008. The same poll today reveals much different numbers.

We need a steady hand in government, one that does not bounce around from one public sentiment to the next. This is why it behooves the President and Republicans on Capitol Hill to not bend or break over the border wall issue. Is it losing popularity? Yes. They definitely need to do a much better job of selling it to the American people instead of playing the Democrats’ game of rebuking their talking points. They need stronger talking points of their own. Then, they need to get those talking points out to the people through friendly media outlets. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the strategy they’re employing today.

There is only one appropriate resolution: Congress funding the wall properly. Not building the wall shouldn’t even be on the table. Declaring a national emergency to fund the wall will end up wrapping it in so much red tape it’ll never actually happen. This shutdown is extremely unpopular and growing more so every day, but it’s the last opportunity America has to get funding for the wall any time in the next two years. If the President bends or breaks on this now, the border crisis will have no end in sight.

I’m JD Rucker. Thank you for listening.

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