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Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus (False in one thing, false in everything)



Falsus in no falsus in omnibus False in one thing false in everything

The sordid edifice of the Kavanaugh allegations stands or falls as one unit.

In yesterday’s travesty of a confirmation hearing, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) invoked the legal principle of Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus [false in one thing, false in everything] attempting to impugn the sterling reputation of Judge Kavanaugh. In Mr. Blumenthal’s instance, it was in regards to some ancillary issues in Brett Kavenaugh’s days in high school and yearbook comments. Presumably, if this were to go along any further, it would soon devolve down to his time in elementary school or his actions in the womb.

Shouldn’t we apply the ‘false in one thing, false in everything’ standard to all of these accusations?

Presumably each of the successive accusations were to replicate the pattern of the past where one person coming forward encouraged another and so on, inspiring the name of the ‘Me Too’ movement. Except in this case, each successive revelation became less and less credible, with a pattern emerging of the follow-on report breaking just as the previous one fizzled out. The problem for the Left is that this backfired on them. The trend of diminishing credibility calls into question the tenuous nature of all of the other accusations all the way back to the original.

The cringe inducing ‘Avenatti allegation’.

This one really sets the mark for the destruction of the credibility of all of these accusations. In retrospect, the fact that this seemed to fall off the face of the earth within a few hours speaks volumes. We’re supposed to believe a women in University would stay socially connected with high school students. Choosing to attend multiple parties where these nefarious activities were taking place instead of alerting the authorities. We’re also supposed to believe that these crimes would have gone unnoticed in 6 background investigations conducted by the FBI. Anyone who has undergone a security clearance investigation should instantly know this doesn’t even rise to the level of the smell test.

Successive allegations didn’t even meet that level of credulity, with anonymous reports of Judge Kavanaugh making an appearance as though he was some sort of bizarro superman bursting on the scene to wreck the day. Or others that cropped up and faded within a few hours like toadstools on a woodland trail.

The inconsistencies of the original accusation.

The second in the series of smears didn’t fair that well in the credibility department either. The accuser in this case admitted gaps in memory, only coming forward after 34 years and 6 days to relate her story of something somewhere that might have happened that somehow involved the accused.

Even the original accusation was bereft of details to avoid any of those pesky issues of consistency. But even as of yesterday the story was changing.

We are supposed to believe several contradictory ideas at one time. Beginning with that this was a very traumatic event, but she never told anyone about for at least 20 years. Then we are supposed to believe that certain details were seared into her memory. But extremely important details such as the time and place – details could help exonerate Judge Kavanaugh – were lost to the mists of time. While seemingly trivial, the fact that she tried to delay the hearing out of a fear of flying when she does this anyway also calls into question her veracity. Even CNN’s Tapper Argues There’s ‘No Contemporaneous Corroborating Evidence For Any Of The Charges’ Against Kavanaugh.

The Takeaway.

So, by the standard set by our comrades in the nation’s Socialist-Left, these allegations should be dismissed and Judge Kavanaugh rightly confirmed. The precedent that would be set by a failure to confirm this nomination is too horrible to contemplate.


Following a terrible week for Michael Avenatti, his law firm has been evicted over past due rent



Following a terrible week for Michael Avenatti his law firm has been evicted over past due rent

Things were looking pretty bad for attorney Michael Avenatti last week. He was arrested for domestic abuse, making him the laughing stock on social media venues that he prizes as his public relations arm. His star client, porn star Stormy Daniels, is reportedly reconsidering her association with her lawyer. That was last week. This week is starting off badly as well.

His law firm has been evicted from their Newport Beach, California office building for skipping out on four months rent totally $213,000.

Avenatti’s law firm evicted from California offices over unpaid $213G rent Avenatti’s law firm was ordered to be evicted from its California offices over unpaid rent after the judge dismissed his attempt to block the eviction, the latest setback for the embattled lawyer who was arrested on domestic violence charges earlier this week.

His law firm – Eagan Avenatti – was sued after skipping four months of rent payments totaling over $213,000.

My Take

As I was saying even before this latest round of bad news, Michael Avenatti needs to take a long break from the public eye. Even the best spin doctors couldn’t salvage his reputation in the short term. If he hopes to someday emerge into the public spotlight that he craves, he’ll need to take a break from being in the news and get some solid ground underneath him.

Many leftists supported him in his quests to take down the President, block Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, launch a 2020 presidential run, and become a prominent face for the Democratic Party. It’s safe to say they backed the wrong horse.

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Conspiracy Theory

Many Democrats support Mueller investigation without knowing what it’s about



“Trump stole the election!”

Two years and two elections ago, something happened that has Democrats scratching their heads even today. Hillary Clinton lost. She wasn’t supposed to lose. She was cheated some way, somehow.

This is what they hope to be proven by special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 elections. The problem is a majority of Democrats think the Russians did something that Mueller’s team isn’t even investigating because there’s absolutely no hint of a possibility that it could be true.

67% of Democrats believe “Russia tampered with vote tallies in order to get Donald Trump elected President.”

Let that sink in.

Robert Mueller Poll

If you believe Russia attempted to influence the elections by using social media and other venues to spread anti-Hillary rhetoric, you’re almost certainly correct. In fact, the Mueller investigation has assumed that to be true from the beginning. The question isn’t whether or not Russia tried to influence the elections in this way. It’s whether or not Americans helped them, in particular members of the Trump campaign.

What’s not being considered is whether or not Russia tampered with vote tallies. They did not. It’s not even a consideration in Mueller’s investigation, yet two-thirds of Democrats believe it to be true.

67% of Democrats can’t wait for Mueller to prove their theories correct even though he isn’t even investigating vote tally tampering at all. It’s reminiscent of the days after Obamacare was launched when Democrats asked, “Wait, it’s not free?”

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Andrew Gillum concedes to Ron DeSantis in Florida gubernatorial race



Andrew Gillum concedes to Ron DeSantis in Florida gubernatorial race

It was arguably the most watched gubernatorial race in the nation this past midterm election season and it didn’t disappoint. It took a recount and multiple lawsuits to finish, but in the end Republican Ron DeSantis defeated Democrat Andrew Gillum.

The mayor of Jacksonville finally conceded for the second time today, nearly two weeks after election day. He already conceded once on election fight.

Andrew Gillum concedes in Florida governor’s race for second time a four-minute video posted live on Facebook, Mayor Gillum stood with his wife R. Jai, a Tallahassee park in the background and both dressed in Florida A&M University orange and green. Gillum first thanked his supporters. Then, he officially acknowledged Republican Ron DeSantis as the winner.

“R. Jai and I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Mr. DeSantis on becoming the next governor of the great state of Florida,” Gillum said in the video posted at about 5 p.m.

DeSantis Tweeted acknowledgement of the concession.

Florida is a bellwether for the 2020 presidential election. The closeness of the race and the apparent corruption in the state means both parties have a lot of work to do. The state needs to get their act together before then as well.

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