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Trump and the GOP Clown Show loves the Brett Kavanaugh circus



Trump and the GOP Clown Show loves the Brett Kavanaugh circus

It’s been nearly three months since Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy submitted his resignation after thirty years on the nation’s highest court.

While Kennedy’s retirement announcement was expected, the timing was perfect for Mitch McConnell who, in order to keep his cushy leadership job after years of failure and ineptitude, needed a distraction to shift the voters’ focus away from his track record of lies and broken promises. What better way to accomplish this than to manufacture a fake crisis involving a Supreme Court nominee?

Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination has exceeded McConnell’s expectations, not judicially speaking; Micky could care less whether Kavanaugh is qualified to be a judge. He does care, however, about creating the perfect distraction going into November, and Kavanaugh fills that need in abundance.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation is allegedly being held up due to several years-old accusations of sexual assault in what Donald Trump and members of the Senate are calling a politically motivated smear job.

NEWS FLASH! Politically motivated smears are used by politically motivated politicians for political purposes in the interest of political preservation of the two-party political duopoly.

Hypocrisy aside, Trump and the GOP are playing this game along with the Democrats to use as leverage against the blue side of the #unibrow party, hoping that doing so will allow the red side to keep its majority.

With complete control of the process currently in their hands, Republicans could confirm Kavanaugh immediately, but they won’t.
By the way, this is in no way a defense of Kavanaugh’s nomination. I have opposed Kavanaugh from the beginning based on:

  1. Reports that his nomination was part of a secret deal between Trump and Justice Kennedy
  2. His opinion that a sitting US President is above the law
  3. His track record of ruling against the Fourth Amendment

And despite receiving the adulation of evangelicals and other so-called conservative groups, Kavanaugh testified before the Senate that he’s cool with Roe v. Wade, calling it “settled law.”

Trump and the GOP aren’t really all that upset about this alleged attempt to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation. In fact, they love it!

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