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Michael Avenatti says he wasn’t trolled by 4Chan, but he’s acting like he was



Michael Avenatti says he wasnt trolled by 4Chan but hes acting like he was

Imagine you’re a high-profile attorney whose name has been floated in recent weeks to make a 2020 presidential run. Now, imagine you’ve been given a credible bombshell accusation against Brett Kavanaugh that you believe will be the nail in the Supreme Court nominee’s coffin. You can practically smell the Oval Office carpet already.

Now, imagine the person you had talked about for two days as credible and able to derail the confirmation turns out to be a troll from 4Chan. What would you do? Suffer the embarrassment and denounce the pranksters? No, not unless you want to have your gullibility popping up throughout your presidential campaign.

Would you say the rumors on 4Chan were false and nothing has changed in your plans? Probably. You would then lock your social media accounts to prevent anyone from repeating your outrageous claims. At some point in the near future, you will declare that your “client” does not want to go through the life-changing turmoil that coming forward will create. You’ll hope Kavanaugh does not get confirmed, adding more reasons for you to hold your “client’s” story back.

That seems to be what’s playing out for Michael Avenatti:

Avenatti Vows His Kavanaugh Accuser Isn’t a 4Chan Hoax Avenatti vowed that his latest high profile client, who he alleges is a victim of sexual misconduct at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh, is not part of a 4chan hoax aimed at trolling him.

Claims that the website 4chan, which is a known breeding place for toxic online subcultures like the alt-right, was involved started popping up on Twitter this morning after an anonymous poster on 4chan shared a post explaining how he supposedly duped Avenatti.

To be fair, the most likely scenario is that Avenatti is telling the truth and the anonymous 4Chan user crafted a clever story to match the narrative. Of course, his actions are conspicuously indicative of someone who got trolled.

Michael Avenatti Locks Twitter, Admits Kavanaugh Accuser Might Not Appear two days of ginning up publicity with the news he has a “100 percent credible” accuser against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, adding that she has “multiple witnesses to corroborate her story” and that she is “willing to take a polygraph,” Avenatti appeared to walk back that assurance  in a Tuesday morning tweet.

“Let me be clear: We will disclose the client’s name and accusations only when SHE is ready and we have adequate security measures in place. And not a moment before that,” Avenatti tweeted. “It is her choice and hers alone as to when to surface bc it is her life. We expect it within the next 36 hrs.”

We’ll know soon enough. If the accuser comes forward, we’ll know Avenatti was not the victim of a hoax. If the accuser “decides” not to come forward, then Avenatti was almost certainly trolled.

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George Washington University students triggered by their mascot



George Washington University students triggered by their mascot

George Washington University is the home of the Colonials. You know, those people who came to America from Europe and eventually fought against the oppressive government of England in order to win independence for America. These heroes of the American Revolution are now being condemned by the students of George Washington University itself.

While the movement and attached petition haven’t reached a tipping point, the idea of changing the mascot to the “Hippo” is gaining momentum. Why? Well, we’ll let the students themselves tell you what they think.

This video by Campus Reform takes us into the wacky world of triggered college students who are so much in opposition of the people who made this country possible that they’d rather be named after the “river horse” of sub-Saharan Africa.


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Trump to Acosta: ‘You have an agenda. You’re CNN. You’re fake news.’



Trump to Acosta You have an agenda Youre CNN Youre fake news

During President Trump’s press conference announcing his declaration of a national emergency, CNN’s Jim Acosta asked whether the President was concocting the national emergency in order to build his border wall because he couldn’t get it done through Congress. The President responded in standard fashion, attacking Acosta’s question itself as biased.

“You have an agenda. You’re CNN. You’re fake news,” the President said to the reporter.

Acosta has been at the center of controversy throughout President Trump’s term, tussling with members of the administration and the President himself at times. He lost access to the White House in November, 2018, after an altercation with a White House staffer.

This time, the President answered Acosta’s question about whether or not the emergency was manufactured by telling him to ask the Angel moms sitting in the front row if they thought the emergency was manufactured. Acosta did not.


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President declares national emergency. Now the craziness begins.



President declares national emergency Now the craziness begins

As expected, President Trump signed the omnibus to keep the government from a second shutdown. Then, as expected, he declared a national emergency at the southern border to allow his administration to free up funds for the building of a wall at our southern border.

Now, the expectations shift to how Democrats will attack this move. During his announcement of the national emergency, the President noted he’s aware of how the process is going to go: lawsuits, appeals, more lawsuits, more appeals… and eventually it will be decided by the Supreme Court.

Reactions on social media were mixed.

My Take

From here, it goes insane. It should be noted the President made what many are considering a mistake when he said he “didn’t have to” declare an emergency but wanted the wall built faster. That seems like grounds to attack the declaration itself.


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