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Democrats’ goal with their Kavanaugh confirmation shenanigans is winning the midterm elections



Democrats goal with their Kavanaugh confirmation shenanigans is winning the midterm elections

The state of affairs in American election politics is abysmal. Most if not all moves made by any given politician is to help them and those in their party win elections. That’s what motivates everything in DC, including the Democrats going after Brett Kavanaugh. Including their use and/or manipulation of Christine Blasey Ford.

Before Ford’s story came to light, it was near certain that Kavanaugh would be confirmed. Democrats knew this. Their attempts to stall and derail the confirmation process weren’t out of some vain hope they could succeed. They needed to be on record with their faces in front of the camera having their “I am Spartacus” moment. They needed to show that they tried as hard as they could but still couldn’t get the job done.

They needed fodder to feed their supporters with fear of what Republicans will do next so they could get people to sign checks and get out the vote. This is their bottom line, 100%. We went through six years of it with the Republicans when Barack Obama was President. Now we’re starting the same cycle with the Democrats.

Then, Christine Blasey Ford happened. The game plan has now changed. They’re pulling out plays they ran in 1992 following Anita Hill’s testimony against Clarence Thomas. Why? Because 1992 showed the highest percentage of female voters compared to eligible females in history.

If you want to get the female vote out, you need a female victim. 66.3% of eligible female voters came out following an all-male grilling of Hill over a Supreme Court justice confirmation. That’s 3% higher than Hillary Clinton was able to draw in 2016.

This is why one of their stipulations to have Ford testify is that only members of the Senate Judiciary Committee can question her. They don’t want female counsel for the Republicans asking questions. They want powerful men on the attack in front of a national audience.

They want a repeat of the Anita Hill scenario.

Even as Ford’s story shines a sliver of light on the possibility they can stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed, their primary motivation has been and always will be to win elections. Every move they’ve made before and during the Kavanaugh confirmation has been to position themselves as the underdogs who just need a little more help from their supporters in order to stop the bleeding caused by evil Republicans.

The ebb and flow created by a two-party system is driven solely by momentum. The presidential pendulum swings towards one party, then the other. The Congressional pendulum does the same, though it’s rhythm is slightly askew from the presidential cycle. There’s really no way for them to avoid it but they can slow or speed up the momentum in one direction or the other with cunning political moves and controversial circumstances. That’s American election politics in a nutshell.

To the Democrats, Kavanaugh is a boogeyman for fundraising purposes and  Ford is a pawn to set their narrative. Every action the Democrats have taken during this confirmation has the sole goal of helping them win the midterm elections.


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