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Will Robert Mueller get to interview President Trump? Chances are looking up.



Will Robert Mueller get to interview President Trump Chances are looking up

Just two weeks ago, the chances of special counsel Robert Mueller getting to directly interview President Trump were essentially zero. Over the last couple of weeks, negotiators on both sides seem to be closer to a deal to make it happen, according to a report by Fox News.

There’s still a good deal of progress to be made before it happens.

Prospects looking good for Mueller interview of Trump, source says tell Fox News that President Trump’s outside legal counsel is ‘pleased with the progress’ in talks with Robert Mueller’s office about a possible interview with the president; chief White House correspondent John Roberts reports.

President Trump’s outside legal counsel is “pleased with the progress being made” in talks with Special Counsel Robert Mueller about a potential interview of the president, a source familiar with the process told Fox News on Thursday.

Conditions for any interview will likely favor the President. It’s he who has everything to lose, therefore his team will put in very strict guidelines if Mueller wants his participation in the very investigation the President has panned from the start.

Cooperation from former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, former campaign manager Paul Manafort, and former lawyer Michael Cohen have led many to speculate there may be bigger fish for Mueller to fry soon, including the President himself, but thus far there are no indications which fish generated the interest in so many deals by Mueller.


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