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Democrats bank on voter ignorance by supporting FBI investigation of Kavanaugh



Democrats bank on voter ignorance by supporting FBI investigation of Kavanaugh

They hope we’re stupid, or at least too blinded by our emotional responses to realize how inappropriately they’re handling the entire Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process. Now, Democrats are doubling down on their ill-advised play by supporting an impossible FBI investigation.

As I noted yesterday, Christine Blasey Ford has already tossed credibility out the window by calling for the FBI to investigate a he-said-she-said claim from 36 or 37 years ago before she’s willing to testify.

By demanding an impossible FBI investigation, Ford tossed credibility out the window adds up anymore for several reasons. First, nobody would be so naive to think an incident at a party 36 or 37 years ago (she isn’t quite sure about the YEAR it allegedly occurred, let alone the date) in an unknown venue (she doesn’t recall where it took place) is something the FBI is capable of investigating. Before she’ll testify, she’s demanding the impossible.

Second, the Justice Department has already indicated it’s not their jurisdiction or responsibility to investigate this type of alleged crime. Twice. This isn’t a political refusal. It’s simply not what the FBI does. Again, before she’ll testify, she’s demanding the impossible.

It should have ended with that. The Democrats should have pulled her aside and said, “Oh honey, what you’re asking is impossible. Just testify and we’ll sort this out in the Senate.” That’s what they should have done because it’s up to the Senate, not the FBI or anyone else in the executive branch, to ultimately determine the fitness of Brett Kavanaugh to be a Supreme Court justice.

The problem they have is that they’ve already made a mockery of the process. In their attempts to stall until after the midterm elections, they’ve thrown every proper and improper procedural maneuver against the wall in hopes that something will stick. Now, the accusation is their last hope so they’re doing what they feel is necessary based upon hopes that voters won’t notice, won’t understand, or won’t care.

Let’s look at those three hopes and see if they’ll stick.

Democrats hope voters won’t notice

Of the three, this is the one that is certain regardless of how much attention is given to it by the press. Our society has devolved into a quick-hit, instant response media consumption machine. We have immediate access to so much news. Any major event is put in front of us moments after it happens.

The average American sees on their phones via Facebook or Twitter or Google News or wherever that the floodwaters are still rising in North Carolina, Democrats back calls for the FBI to investigate Kavanaugh, a mass shooting happened in Maryland, and LeBron James is going to be in Space Jam 2.

It’s a lot to take in and the attention span of the average human only allows them to really notice a tiny portion of the news put in front of them. It registers on a slight level, just enough for a quick judgment. In this case, the news of an untenable call by Democrats to investigate Kavanaugh’s alleged attack registers for Democrats as “yes, do it,” and Republicans as, “no, that’s silly.” That’s as far as news like this normally goes.

Democrats hope voters won’t understand

If they were being intellectually honest, the Democrats would acknowledge that their entire handling of the Kavanaugh confirmation has been an exercise in activism from the Capitol. They haven’t treated these hearings with anything other than contempt and they’ve put Kavanaugh through the harshest process they could muster.

Based solely on his adherence to the Constitution, his pro-life stance, and the math that’s coming together in the Supreme Court under President Trump, they’ve done things that would make past Senates cringe. Here’s just one example:

Precedents Democrats are setting during Kavanaugh’s confirmation are disastrous for the republic, for example, the questions they sent to Kavanaugh. To say the sheer number of them is unprecedented is a gigantic understatement. The previous 163 Supreme Court nominees have had 1247 total questions submitted to them over the centuries by the Senate. Kavanaugh has had 1278.

Democrats are acting like wounded dogs backed into a corner. They aren’t; if they played their cards right they could take the House and Senate this year. However, they either don’t recognize the position of potential strength they’re in or they lack the strategic intellect to handle the situation properly.

This truly has been the most extraordinary attempt to confirm a Supreme Court justice in the history of the nation. To say it’s unprecedented would be a gross understatement, but Democrats are hopeful that the average American voter will not realize their actions are unhinged. They hope this will play out as politics as usual with the Democrats doing their duty as Senators instead of the reality that they’re acting like petulant children trying to take someone else’s ball at the park so they can run away with it.

Democrats hope voters won’t care

In a sane world, the Democrats’ actions would be viewed as dangerous to their future prospects. From Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker’s obvious calls for attention to Senator Dianne Feinstein’s last minute hail mary to slow or block the confirmation, they’re taking chances with actions that should haunt them on election day.

But they won’t. By the time this is over it will be spun along partisan lines as always. The details will no longer register in voters’ minds. The spectacle this has become will be removed from memory and the apathy of party politics will once again take hold.

How the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are handling this confirmation should be the last straw that gets them all voted out at the earliest possible moment. That’s the scenario if voters cared about what’s happening. The Democrats are latching their futures onto the hopes that voters really won’t care and they’re almost certainly right.

It’s our responsibility as politically aware conservatives to make our friends and family understand the debacle the Democrats have caused in the Senate. Whether Kavanaugh is confirmed or not, we can’t let the Democrats involved get out of this politically unscathed.


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Cartoon: Is that another huge immigration caravan?



Cartoon Is that another huge immigration caravan

The 2016 GOP field seemed like a clown car routine compared to what was essentially five legitimate Democratic candidates. Whether they simply feared Hillary Clinton or didn’t want to take their shot following President Obama, many Democrats who were considered potentially serious candidates didn’t run.

That’s not the case for 2020. We may end up with more Democrats in the running than we had Republicans in 2016.

Cartoonist Michael Ramirez captured the growing group perfectly:

It’s certainly starting to look like a migrant caravan forming. Oh, wait. Those are actually American citizens.

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The Onion’s take on Kirsten Gillibrand is hilarious (and not completely satirical)



The Onions take on Kirsten Gillibrand is hilarious and oddly not satyrical

The Onion has built a reputation of lambasting everything in their path with some of the sharpest satire on the internet. Every now and then, they put out articles and videos that hit close to home.

Other times, they nail it. Such is the case with their 5 things to know about Kirsten Gillibrand.

The New York Democratic Senator is running for President. Judging by early poll numbers and general sentiment from many in the party, it’s very unlikely she’ll get the nomination. It’s a shame. She would have been very easy to beat.

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Culture and Religion

How ‘Progressives’ are a small but vocal political minority




How Progressives are a small but vocal political minority

The data shows that most people are in the rational majority while the Left is a small but vocal minority.

A recent video from Daisy Cousens makes the very important point that far-Left ‘progressives’ are an extremely vocal minority that dominates the media, culture and government indoctrination centres. Even though they are only 8% of the population, they take on the false pretense of representing everyone else.

Equally important is the fact that the data from the Hidden Tribes Study shows that the people trying to conserve Liberty on the Right have a lot more in common with the exhausted middle. This majority on one side of the issues, while the small minority of the far-Left on the other. As she points out, this is not exactly a ringing endorsement of the national socialist Utopia the Left would like to force on the rest of us.

This is a short description of the 7 groups identified in the study:

Progressive Activists (8 percent of the population) are deeply concerned with issues concerning equity, fairness, and America’s direction today. They tend to be more secular, cosmopolitan, and highly engaged with social media.

Traditional Liberals (11 percent of the population) tend to be cautious, rational, and idealistic. They value tolerance and compromise. They place great faith in institutions.

Passive Liberals (15 percent of the population) tend to feel isolated from their communities. They are insecure in their beliefs and try to avoid political conversations. They have a fatalistic view of politics and feel that the circumstances of their lives are beyond their control.

The Politically Disengaged (26 percent of the population) are untrusting, suspicious about external threats, conspiratorially minded, and pessimistic about progress. They tend to be patriotic yet detached from politics.

Moderates (15 percent of the population) are engaged in their communities, well informed, and civic-minded. Their faith is often an important part of their lives. They shy away from extremism of any sort.

Traditional Conservatives (19 percent of the population) tend to be religious, patriotic, and highly moralistic. They believe deeply in personal responsibility and self-reliance.

Devoted Conservatives (6 percent of the population) are deeply engaged with politics and hold strident, uncompromising views. They feel that America is embattled, and they perceive themselves as the last defenders of traditional values that are under threat.

What was truly interesting was that the nation’s Socialists on the far-Left have their own set of priorities, that just happen to centre around control of others:

The polarization of opinion between the opposing ends of the spectrum is very clear from the issues that different groups prioritize:

After the issue of poor leadership, Progressive Activists rank climate change (47%) and economic inequality (42%) next, both issues that rank high on the liberal agenda. These are both considerably higher than the average (18% and 12%, respectively).

While the majority Conservatives, Moderates and Liberals have their own priorities. They don’t explain how someone favourable to individual rights and freedoms would naturally buy into the strict controls on Liberty that go along with the authoritarian Left’s climate change agenda. Or that the forced wealth redistribution that would have to be a part of Leftists plans to address the economic inequality would square with individual Liberty.

It’s also important to emphasis this statement from the study:

The Politically Disengaged group resemble the Conservatives in their focus on jobs (56%), immigration (60%) and terrorism (59%).

[Our emphasis]

This is how we are in the majority, the Politically Disengaged resembling Conservatives on many important issues.

A very vocal minority is still a minority

While the majority of the country may quibble over some issues, they are still supporters of Liberty. The far-Left, socialist minority is in a world of it’s own, working actively against our rights and freedoms while hiding behind the Liberal label. Please take note of this when considering those who like to throw Liberals into the Leftist camp, incongruously conflating both sides as the same.

The Takeaway

Most people want to be free from the control of others. Most people want to be able to defend themselves and speak freely without constraint. Most people want to keep their earnings and property. This is the rational and largely silent majority that would just like to live their lives in peace.

Contrast this with the far-Left minority that preaches collectivism and control. People who openly want to banish what they deem to be ‘Hate- speech,’ ‘Assault weapons,’ the presumption of innocence and due process. It’s a small group obsessed with political power and denigrating freedom with far too many false labels.

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