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Comey: Manafort deal “may represent that we’re in the fourth quarter” of Mueller investigation



Comey Manafort deal may represent that were in the fourth quarter of Mueller investigation

The long ordeal that has surround Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian influence on the 2016 election may be over soon according to speculation by former FBI Director James Comey. The plea deal made by former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is a key indicator to Comey.

The “ordeal” component isn’t the investigation itself. Mueller and his team have remained professional and relatively quiet outside of the required public disclosures. In this investigation, the ordeal is how the media has handled it, taking every reported action, rumor, and nuance and turning it into fodder for many news cycles.

If Comey is correct, Manafort may be the final step before major indictments are made from within the Trump campaign or the administration itself.

James Comey talks Kavanaugh, Mueller investigation – and says he’s not worried about his emails Marsh asked him where he thinks the Mueller investigation is at currently, Comey said there’s “an argument to be made that the conviction – the plea and cooperation by Paul Manafort – may represent that we’re in the fourth quarter.”

“The way you normally do investigations is you work from the bottom up, and so they’re getting pretty high,” he said. “But again, the reason I’m hesitant to even say that is [because] Bob Mueller’s conducted his investigation like a pro – you know nothing about it except through his public filings, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. And so I can’t say with certainty where he is.”

The White House has been quietly confident that Manafort doesn’t have or won’t spill dirt on them. Unlike other past employees who have been turned, Manafort has been conspicuously untouched by the President’s ire. As of today, President Trump has not gone after Mueller the way he’s gone after former attorney Michael Cohen, former adviser Omarosa Manigault, or others who have been in Trump’s orbit and eventually turned against him.

If this really is the fourth quarter, it could be a long one for America. Mueller has demonstrated patience and is known for his meticulous nature. This one might go into overtime before we know much more than we do now.


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