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Alan Dershowitz on ‘good people’ on the side of antisemitism



Alan Dershowitz on good people on the side of antisemitism

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz has had his share of battles against antisemitism in his five decades defending civil liberties and human rights. His penchant for finding the heart of an issue and simplifying it to its core has made him a popular figure to follow on social media, particularly in the fight against antisemitism.

A recent article on JPost questions why former president Bill Clinton shared a stage with Louis Farrakhan. He wondered what the media reaction would have been had President Trump shared a stage with David Duke. It’s a good question, though one that’s easy to answer.

Trump would have been demolished by the press while Clinton was ignored.

Why did the Clintons share a stage with Farrakhan? is no place for a double standard when it comes to antisemitism. Black antisemitism should not get a pass account of the oppression suffered by so many black people. Neither should “progressive” tolerance of antisemitism of the kind shown by Bernie Sanders’s support for Jeremy Corbyn, the antisemite who heads the British Labour Party and may well become the next prime minister of America’s closest ally.

It isn’t the passionate support of the limited hardcore followers of people like Farrakhan or Duke that generates as man problems as the lukewarm, “wink wink” support of their less-enthusiastic supporters. Those who make excuses for bigots to make them appear not-quite-so-bad give license to others to explore and embrace racist ideologies. By sharing a stage with Farrakhan instead of speaking out about him, Clinton gave his unofficial approval to the antisemite.


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