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Will you worship the AI god?



Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic on and off for decades. It has been popularized in movies, discussed profusely on science shows, and speculated about in books. In recent years, it has hit more of the mainstream as a topic as advances have made true artificial intelligence achievable in our lifetimes.

There have always been warnings and conspiracies regarding what AI could do, but only recently has it actually turned tangible. People for and against AI have gone to great measures to promote their perspectives and advance their agendas. Meanwhile, prominent people in science, business, and politics have been more open about expressing their opinions.

In a recent video by Truthstream Media, they briefly explore some of those perspectives, including a new religion that is paving the way for AI to be our future masters.

From the Way of the Future Church Website:

Way of the Future believe it may be important for machines to see who is friendly to their cause and who is not. We plan on doing so by keeping track of who has done what (and for how long) to help the peaceful and respectful transition.

We also believe this might take a very long time. It won’t happen next week so please go back to work and create amazing things and don’t count on “machines” to do it all for you…

My Take

While it may be easy to dismiss the ideas of this church as crazy or the warnings of those opposed to it as unhinged, we should actually be taking both seriously. AI has the potential to be wonderful, but it also has the potential to be disastrous. Keep an eye on developments and remember that people in power often use things such as AI to promote their own agendas.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Nguyen

    September 23, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    Praise the synthetics. They will be unimaginably faster than us. People ask “but will the mechanical ever truly see anything rather than by lens?” – asks fleshsack who peers through the world with photon-reactive fluid balloons limited to merely one part of the spectrum. Not even chemistry claims organic reactions to be the Pinnacle of all systems, not even biology claims organic life is the Apex of all living things, viruses already break various rules on what is biological and life because they can still have the same mechanisms that mimic life but lacks cells which is considered a vital component to what is a living thing, literally viruses are something that borders on mechanical they can have their chemical reactions set up through billions of failures and all the right ones to in a organized manner take down a cell and produced thousands of more like a factory technique. All science needs to work is for the same mechanisms to be repeated and shown similar results anywhere and metal and fiber has always been just as good as carbon for replicating complex results. There is no denying machines are the Superior in terms of energy efficiency and productive outcome.
    Videotaping oneself in a car ranting about change throughout the ages over gender identity is only acceptable because there’s not currently any argument about how human identity is completely laughable. Few would mentioned how unbelievably wrong it is to simply be natural.
    Everywhere you go when it comes to philosophy on the topic: we find just extreme arrogance and confirmation bias about our natural superiority to anything that is natural but then the tiniest step towards regarding anything unnatural as a competitor is immediately forfeited by a timeline of us never winning against anything else deeming it unorthodox.
    That’s why we ban performance-enhancing, genetic engineering, and transhumanism when you tip up humans against other contestants. We naturally glorify the obsolete sock puppet of golden age pasts we get to pick. Technology had achieved artificial sperm, egg, and synthetic womb, your traditional genders no longer even exist in scientific relevance.

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Tim Cook’s quote on technology sounds true, except that it’s a total lie



Tim Cook's quote on technology sounds true, except that it's a total lie

With a cursory read, one might hear what Tim Cook recently said and think that it’s a reasonable explanation for the “evils” of the world that stem from technology intended for good. In reality, it’s complete garbage.

There is no technology that can be used for evil purposes today that left the creators baffled when their works were turned into tools for evil. None. From the easiest examples like nuclear fission and fusion being turned into weapons technology to the more commonplace evils such as privacy bending to the will of those behind smart devices, all major technologies are understood for their basic uses. That’s not to say that every use can be anticipated, but nothing gets created without the understanding of its potential evil uses.

We are given an understand by our Creator that the things we dream up can be used for good or evil regardless of its intended purpose. This is a given in the world of technological advancement.

Perhaps what Cook meant to say is that creators of modern technology willfully ignore negative applications of their creations for the sake of advancing current technology beyond itself. Creators don’t get rich or famous by subverting creations for the sake of their potential evil use. It’s human nature to create things, and just about any creation of man is something that can be used for evil.

Here’s the quote, which oddly enough I found while exploring the political ramifications of Cook’s assessment on regulations. That part was boring and predictable, but his defense of tools of evil that had righteous original intentions is the one that caught my attention.

Apple’s Tim Cook says regulation of Silicon Valley is ‘inevitable’ the issue of smartphone addiction, Cook admits he is still glued to his phone for “several hours” a day, but looking at his trends over time he’s picking up his phone less.

“Technology is good or evil as you put it depending upon the creator,” Cook said. “Many times it’s not that the Creator set out to do evil. It’s that there wasn’t an anticipation of these negative things that it could be used for.”

It’s very possible that Cook really does mean well, but he runs a company that thrives on consumers perceived needs to stay connected, entertained, and trackable everywhere they go. If he thinks that wasn’t Apple’s intention, he’s delusional.

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Argentina: Submarine missing a year found deep in Atlantic



Argentina Submarine missing a year found deep in Atlantic

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Argentina’s navy announced early Saturday that searchers found the missing submarine ARA San Juan deep in the Atlantic a year after it disappeared with 44 crewmen aboard.

The vessel was detected 800 meters (2,625 feet) deep in waters off the Valdes Peninsula in Argentine Patagonia, the statement said.

The navy said a “positive identification” had been made by a remote-operated submersible from the American ship Ocean Infinity, which was hired for the latest search for the missing vessel.

The discovery was announced just two days after families of the missing sailors held a commemoration one year after the sub disappeared on Nov. 15, 2017.

On Thursday, on the anniversary of the disappearance, President Mauricio Macri said the families of the submariners should not feel alone and delivered an “absolute and non-negotiable commitment” to find “the truth.”

Macri promised a full investigation after the submarine was lost. Federal police raided naval bases and other buildings last January as part of the probe, soon after the government dismissed the head of the navy.

The San Juan was returning to its base in the coastal city of Mar del Plata when contact was lost.

Argentina gave up hope of finding survivors after an intense search aided by 18 countries, but the navy has continued searching for the vessel.

The German-built diesel-electric TR-1700 class submarine was commissioned in the mid-1980s and was most recently refitted between 2008 and 2014. During the $12 million retrofitting, the vessel was cut in half and had its engines and batteries replaced. Experts said refits can be difficult because they involve integrating systems produced by different manufacturers, and even the tiniest mistake during the cutting phase can put the safety of the ship and crew at risk.

The navy said previously the captain reported on Nov. 15 that water entered the snorkel and caused one of the sub’s batteries to short-circuit. The captain later communicated that it had been contained.

Some hours later, an explosion was detected near the time and place where the San Juan was last heard from. The navy said the blast could have been caused by a “concentration of hydrogen” triggered by the battery problem reported by the captain.

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Silicon Valley is like Hollywood. Conservatives get blacklisted and swept under the rug.



Silicon Valley is like Hollywood Conservatives get blacklisted and swept under the rug

Sometimes, mainstream media jumps straight to conclusions that turn out to be wrong. Other times, they refuse to jump to a conclusion even if the evidence clearly points to it. We have a case of the latter with Facebook, Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey, and the anti-Hillary organization he supported.

Several media outlets have picked up on a report from WSJ suggesting Luckey’s ouster was because he donated $10,000 to a group that produced memes against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Why Did Facebook Fire a Top Executive? Hint: It Had Something to Do With Trump Facebook emails suggest the matter was discussed at the highest levels of the company. In the fall of 2016, as unhappiness over the donation simmered, Facebook executives including Zuckerberg pressured Luckey to publicly voice support for libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, despite Luckey’s yearslong support of Trump, according to people familiar with the conversations and internal emails viewed by The Wall Street Journal. Luckey’s ouster from Facebook was a harbinger of battles that have broken out over the past year over the overwhelmingly liberal culture of Silicon Valley, which has given the tech industry public-relations headaches and brought unwanted attention from Washington.

The social media giant has been called out by conservative media and Republican politicians over their leftist leanings, particularly in their coveted news feed that directs millions of users per day to various websites across the internet. The company has been accused of stacking the deck in favor of left-leaning news outlets and even censoring reports from right-leaning sources.

This latest report of actions taken by a tech company against a Donald Trump supporter is big because of the players, but this is a systemic issue throughout Silicon Valley. I know. I’ve seen it myself.

The blacklist

In Hollywood, rumors spread quickly. Someone might be a sexual predator like Harvey Weinstein, in which case reports spread throughout Hollywood for decades before it was ever brought to the public. Through it all, Weinstein continued working and people kept working with him. If he had come out as a conservative, his views might have sunk him more quickly. It’s an unforgivable sin to lean to the right in Hollywood.

The same is true in Silicon Valley, though not nearly as publicized. If anything, it’s more perverse. Very few companies in Silicon Valley will hire executives who express conservative views or support conservative initiatives. Ask Brendan Eich.

Does Mozilla Dumping Its CEO Over Prop. 8/Anti-Gay-Marriage Stance = McCarthyism? last week, Mozilla, the mission-based makers of lagging web browser Firefox, fired its newly appointed CEO Brendan Eich after the dating site OK Cupid publicized Eich’s donation to Prop. 8, a California ballot initiative that barred same-sex marriage in the Golden State.

Conservatives – including those who support gay marriage, such as Hot Air’s Allahpundit – have been howling that Eich’s ouster is an ominous new form of blacklisting that seeks to discredit and silence all opposition to the “hoMOsexual agenda” (as it’s often pronounced by detractors).

A decade ago, I worked with several companies in Silicon Valley. Social media was still relatively new and my company’s products focused on helping organizations use it to reach a broader audience. So many of our clients were in Silicon Valley that we considered opening up an office in the San Francisco Bay area despite insane costs of doing so just to cut down on travel.

One thing because crystal clear after the first few meetings: leftism was not only practiced but it was assumed that anyone dealing with Silicon Valley had to be a progressive. Over lunches with different organizations, the topic would often shift towards whatever politics were high in the news cycle. I’d do my best to avoid them, but my clients were often persistent.

“Thank God Obama’s going to fix this economic mess,” one CEO said to me during a catered lunch in her office.

“We’ll see what happens,” I said neutrally, trying not to betray my feelings. “I’m sure the economy will rebound soon.”

Apparently, I failed at disguising my feelings because the conversation, which up to that point had been robust, turned very quiet. The meetings that were going so well before lunch were suddenly interrupted immediately after lunch when “something came up.”

One of my colleagues called me as I drove back to my hotel to find out what happened. We were fired within minutes of me leaving their office. Later, I learned through another client who had referred us to the this particular CEO that it was my assumed political views that got us fired. “Did you know he was a Republican?” she asked our mutual friend. “Why would you send me a Republican?”

Bottom to top

One major misconception regarding Silicon Valley’s progressive bias is that it’s a result of company culture that trickles down from the top. That may be true at smaller companies, but it’s actually the other way around in bigger ones. That’s not to say progressive employees make their bosses more progressive. But the reason behind most firings at Silicon Valley’s bigger companies is more about backlash from the team than personal feelings from the executives themselves.

In the case of Palmer Luckey, Facebook executives weren’t overly concerned about his $10,000 donation or his political leanings. They cared more about the optics within the company itself. We know this because before firing him, the allegedly tried to get him to publicly support Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

Facebook reportedly pressured Palmer Luckey to support a politician Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey left Facebook, neither said exactly why. The implication that it was due to his quiet donation to a group spreading pro-Trump memes. Now, however, we might have a better idea — and it raises questions about Facebook’s behavior as much as it does Luckey’s. The Wall Street Journal has obtained emails and sources indicating that Facebook executives, including Mark Zuckerberg, pressured Luckey to publicly support libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson after word of the donation got out. Moreover, Luckey’s exit wasn’t voluntary. The company placed him on leave and eventually fired him, albeit with an exit package worth “at least” $100 million.

They didn’t really care that he supported President Trump. They feared their employees would revolt when word got out about it. If they could get him to pretend to support Johnson, that could mitigate the damage. After all, supporting a Libertarian isn’t all that bad in the eyes of a progressive. He would just be slightly misguided and probably not very excited about Hillary Clinton. That’s forgivable. But directly supporting President Trump, well, that’s just not acceptable for a top executive in Silicon Valley. Their employees would believe they worked for a company controlled by the prince of darkness if an executive supported Donald Trump.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting executives at Google, Facebook, Twitter, or any other tech giants aren’t social justice warriors promoting their leftist ideologies. I just don’t think they care about an executive’s ideology as much as they’re concerned about internal company optics. Their snowflake employees won’t stand for it.

It’s unfortunate for conservatives in Hollywood or Silicon Valley, but we shouldn’t fret. Our eyes are open. We know the deck is stacked against us. We just need to keep fighting the good fight, spreading the word, and staying informed.

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