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David French on diversity being our strength



David French on diversity being our strength

There’s all kinds of controversy surrounding a handful of conservatives speaking out against diversity. It isn’t the concept of diversity that they’re against. It’s the way it’s being used for political gains by the left.

National Review editor David French wrote an interesting piece on the topic.

American Diversity Requires Core Commonality Jonah Goldberg and others have explained so eloquently and urgently, in the absence of a transcendent, unifying American idea, tribalism reasserts itself. People seek common purpose and — once that purpose is found — can be remarkably welcoming of people from all walks of life who share that purpose. The ancillary diversity amplifies the strength of the unifying purpose.

In other words, it would be easier to believe that diversity is our strength if the people who advance that idea weren’t also often among the most intolerant people in American public life.

Diversity works best when we allow it to happen organically. It also works much better when it’s a result of proper intentions instead of being used as a political weapon as the left is wont to do whenever possible.

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