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Trump’s Labor Day celebration: Attack labor, the rule of law, and the Constitution



Trumps Labor Day celebration Attack labor the rule of law and the Constitution

While most of America spend the Labor Day weekend enjoying the company of friends and family with barbeques and other festivities, Donald Trump chose to spend his time doing what he loves to do . . . sending out Twitter rants attacking anyone he considers disloyal to his reign.

His Labor Day started out innocently enough after he praised himself for creating a world where “the American worker is doing better than ever before” thanks to his magnanimous leadership. A few hours later, after getting his morning intel from FOX News, Trump attacked unions and their leadership for “doing so poorly.”

Yep. Trump attacked labor . . . on Labor Day.

But that was nothing compared to his Labor Day attack against Jeff Sessions for upholding the rule of law. You read that correctly.

In a tweet considered by Judge Andrew Napolitano to be fodder for the Mueller investigation, Trump blasted Sessions for not protecting two GOP Congressmen: Reps. Duncan Hunter (CA) and Chris Collins (NY). The two men are Trump loyalists facing felony charges, but Trump is more concerned about their re-election chances than he is about justice.

Do you remember when Trump would bloviate during his 2016 campaign about how he would end corruption by draining the swamp?

Feeling well rested after passing up the opportunity to engage in his normal weekend routine of playing golf and pocketing millions of taxpayer dollars for Trump Properties, Trump was in prime Twitter form yesterday as he leveled another threat against his all-time favorite enemy, the so-called “Fake News” media.

As usual, Trump indicated his willingness to void the First Amendment to silence those he refers to as the enemy of the American people. This time the target was NBC.

Trump’s rant clearly demonstrates his threat to freedom of the press, but it also displays his ignorance of the law. You see, network news isn’t licensed in the US, and even if it were, there’s that darned First Amendment keeping him from shutting them down. At least, that’s the opinion of FCC Chair Ajit Pai the last time Trump issued this threat back in October 2017.

“The FCC does not have the authority to revoke a license of a broadcast station based on the content. The FCC under my leadership will stand for the First Amendment.

“On Twitter, for example, seemingly on a daily basis, people regularly demand that the FCC yank the licenses of MSNBC or Fox News or CNN or any other number of news outlets because they disagree with the opinions they may have seen on one of those cable news networks.

“Setting aside the fact that the FCC doesn’t license those cable channels — kind of an important technicality when one is thinking about these things — these demands are fundamentally at odds with America’s cultural and legal traditions.”

During the Obama presidency, Trump was a critic of Obama’s frequent golf outings and vacations.

Considering his criticism of Obama along with his claim that he would be too busy doing his job to take time off, Trump’s record-breaking time on the golf course — 25% of his days in office — is the epitome of hypocrisy.

But to be honest, I almost wish he had played golf this past weekend. At least then he would have only been picking my pocket instead of working to destroy the rule of law and my Constitutional rights.

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David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

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Anthony Derlunas, who yelled ‘Heil Hitler, Heil Trump,’ is a Trump-hating leftist



Anthony Derlunas who yelled Heil Hitler Heil Trump is a Trump-hating leftist

Mainstream media went to great extremes to make people believe Anthony Derlunas is a Trump supporter who was spreading his antisemitic message because he’s a Republican voter. When it was revealed he yelled. “Heil Hitler, Heil Trump,” during a performance of Fiddler on the Roof because he was triggered and actually hated Trump, mainstream media suddenly went silent on the story.

That’s what happens when a leftist narrative is broken. It gets buried, distorted, or outright lied about by the press. They love their narratives. They hate anything that proves their narratives wrong.

Moonbattery The MSM’s Anthony Derlunas Hate Hoax hyperpartisan “mainstream” media has never been more dishonest than since the horrific shootings at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, as it attempts incongruously yet determinedly to tie anti-Semitism around Donald Trump’s neck. Flawed reporting reached hate hoax levels in light of a moonbat named Anthony Derlunas screaming “Heil Hitler! Heil Trump!” at a Baltimore performance of Fiddler on the Roof. Since it is hard to find anything but moonbattery elsewhere, we turn to One America for the story.

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President Trump reacts to Jim Acosta’s press pass decision: ‘Not a big deal’



President Trump reacts to Jim Acostas press pass decision Not a big deal

He’s right. This isn’t a big deal. CNN’s Jim Acosta should never have had his hard pass revoked in the first place, either. That made it a bigger deal than it really ought to be. But it happened and now a temporary order has been placed by a judge.

What does this mean for future press conferences? A lot. What does it mean for the 1st Amendment? Not so much. It’s a blow to the President and a win for the free press, but this won’t be an issue that will ever come up again.

It shouldn’t have come up in the first place.

Some are asking why the White House needs to publish rules of decorum for the press when they weren’t needed before. That’s just it. They weren’t needed before. This is a different President, but it’s also a different press.

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Guns and Crime

Luis Cobos-Cenobio, the star of the Arkansas dashcam shootout, is an illegal immigrant



Luis Cobos-Cenobio the star of the Arkansas dash cam shootout is an illegal immigrant

It’s an odd headline. The lede in this story should the shocking dashcam footage showing suspect Luis Cobos-Cenobio firing on police who were trying to pull him over. Unfortunately, immigration status is either buried or ignored altogether by mainstream media, so we thought it was necessary to point out up front that the man who allegedly tried to shoot and kill police officers is an illegal immigrant.

You can read the details at Fox News, one of the only outlets I’ve found so far that mentions his immigration status:

Dashcam video shows moment illegal immigrant suspect opens fire on Arkansas police officer has been jailed on $500,000 bond, and has had a detainer placed on him by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an agency spokesperson confirmed to Fox News.

Cobos-Cenobio has been charged with four counts of attempted capital murder, committing a terroristic act, fleeing, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to police.

If he is convicted on any or all of these charges, he’s going to jail for a long time. There’s no way to know at this point how many Americans he’s harmed in the past. Sadly, as a criminal illegal immigrant, there’s no reason for him to be here in the first place.

Mainstream media doesn’t want you to know that part of the story, though. Some went so far as to avoid the topic altogether.

For example, this article from ABC News is nearly 400-words in length and never even hints at his immigration status. Many stories simply noted as deep into the article as possible that he had a “federal hold” or “detainer request” without indicating that almost certainly means he’s here illegally.

Mainstream media is desperate to bury or cover up anything that pertains to illegal immigrants. This story, with its amazing and terrifying video, was too “good” for them to pass up. That didn’t stop them from hiding his immigration status.

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