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For once, Trump should fear a member of the press: Bob Woodward



For once Trump should fear a member of the press Bob Woodward

Throughout the 2016 presidential election season, then-candidate Trump was attacked by the press. These attacks came in the form of commentaries, scathing interviews, leaked videos of the candidate’s “locker room talk,” and compelling op-eds. As President, these attacks have been even more aggressive. Yet through it all, he won the election and continues relatively unabated in fulfilling much of his agenda.

That may change. A journalist may have finally cracked through the Trump shield. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bob Woodward has a book coming out on September 11 that promises to shake the White House to its core. If reality is even close to matching the hype, this could finally be enough to do real damage to this presidency.

Woodward’s ‘Fear’ No. 1 on Amazon before release, wants $60 for talk” Fear: Trump in the White House” is selling fast in pre-sales and Amazon said it is the top seller among political books and in a day where multiple outlets published explosive excerpts the book jumped from 12th place to first place in under six hours.

And the huge book seller isn’t discounting “Fear ,” keeping the pre-release price at $28.70.

Even if we put aside the tremendous respect Woodward has accumulated over the decades and treated him like an average journalist, there’s still a major problem for Trump. Allegedly, Woodward tenaciously sourced claims in the books, keeping recordings of his interviews. This is one thing previous books attempting to derail the President have failed to do.

If Trump can’t attack the sourcing, he’ll have to decide whether to accept whatever truths are revealed in the book or claim many of the sources, including White House personnel, are liars. Neither bodes well for him.

With sales soaring and a beaten press just waiting for something juicy to report, it’s very likely this book will cause major headaches for the President ahead of the midterm elections.


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