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Oh good. Mike Huckabee is defending Trump. Everything’s okay now.



The spin machine is working overtime ahead of the wide release of Bob Woodward’s book, “Fear: Trump in the White House.” Pretty much everyone friendly with the White House who is willing to answer questions are attempting to discredit Woodward and his work as “fiction.”

They even pulled out former Arkansas Governor and two-time presidential candidate Mike Huckabee to offer his own feeble defense. What did he go after? Sourcing. The funny part is the book is reported to be meticulously sourced with recorded interviews from current and former White House staffers.

For once, Trump should fear a member of the press: Bob Woodward if we put aside the tremendous respect Woodward has accumulated over the decades and treated him like an average journalist, there’s still a major problem for Trump. Allegedly, Woodward tenaciously sourced claims in the books, keeping recordings of his interviews. This is one thing previous books attempting to derail the President have failed to do.

If Trump can’t attack the sourcing, he’ll have to decide whether to accept whatever truths are revealed in the book or claim many of the sources, including White House personnel, are liars. Neither bodes well for him.

As Huckabee scrambles and Fox News attempts to confuse the issue, millions are waiting giddily like kids on Christmas Eve as the book they’ve been wanting for two years may finally be in their hands soon.

My Take

I’m no fan of the President, but I’m not one who is happy about derailing the administration at this critical moment in history. Embarrassing him and throwing Congress under control of the Democrats is not the way to get us out of the hole we put ourselves in by nominating Trump to beat Hillary Clinton. He was a mistake, but it’s a mistake we need to live with until we can get a true conservative in office.

Conservative Christian. I write, love cars, and love my country. Retired in Oceanside, California, where it's not okay to be a conservative. They deal with me, though. I have all the guns.

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