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Keith Ellison promotes the magic bullet of “Fantasycare”



Keith Ellison promotes the magic bullet of Fantasycare

How about a magic trick? I’m going to let Keith Ellison make logic and reason disappear. He won’t do it in a full Tweet; no folks, Mr. Ellison only needs HALF A TWEET to astound you with the impossible.

Are you ready? Here it is:

“Medicare for All would guarantee health care as a right — and would cost less and produce better health outcomes than the status quo.”

Let’s break that down. Medicare for All would guarantee health care for all, which it to say many more people will be getting much more healthcare than they do today. In the second part of the magic trick ,he declares it was cost less than it does today! Not only that, but his grand finale comes in the form of a true impossibility, that it will produce better health outcomes!

So in Mr. Ellison’s mind, Medicare for All will provide more healthcare while costing less money and will also yield better results.

How did we miss it for so long? We’ve been debating Obamacare and Romneycare and Trumpcare and everything else for a decade now when the answer was right in front of us. The debate is over. We simply have to hand over control of the healthcare system to socialists and they’ll present us with Fantasycare. It’s so good there’s a slight chance it won’t kill you while making us all broke. Slight.

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