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I’m not a Republican, but you bet I’ll be eating more In-N-Out Burger



Im not a Republican but you bet Ill be eating more In-N-Out Burger

Call it what you will. A distaste for the hypersensitive left that thinks anyone not perfectly aligned with them is the enemy. Perhaps it’s a necessity to pick a side in a battle even if I have no horse in the race. One way or the other, I’m going to be eating more In-N-Out Burger for a while.

Social media websites and applications could be great venues for discourse, but they’ve been degraded to platforms for ranting, trolling, self-promotion, and “Fast Food Activism,” as I like to call it. The hashtag has become the embodiment of this last social media atrocity as it represents the fastest way for people to get together and voice their thought-free snap judgments on, well, everything.

In-N-Out Burger committed the ultimate sin in the eyes of liberals by donating to the Republican Party again.

In-N-Out boycott call from top California Democrat disowned by state party was responding to a short story in Los Angeles magazine that talked about In-N-Out’s $25,000 contribution to the California Republican Party this week. It promptly spawned an outpouring of support from progressives on Twitter, as the hashtag #BoycottInNOut became a thing.

I’m not a Republican. To borrow and adjust a quote from Ronald Reagan, “I didn’t leave the GOP. The GOP left me.” Nevertheless, I can’t help but rail against Democrats, particularly when they do things such as attacking a respected American company for donating money to the lesser-of-two-evils party, the one that is more beneficial for their business. It’s ironic that this is happening in California, a state with glaring fiscal challenges brought forth from the rapid onslaught of progressive economic policies over the last decade.

I don’t have a horse in this race. I am neither a Republican or Democrat, but I appreciate that companies like In-N-Out Burger are actively trying to fix the national and state governments. I may disagree with their chosen method (the GOP hasn’t been fixing much lately) but I love that they’re willing to make an effort and risk the repercussions in a state that’s nosediving into leftist oblivion.

Hashtags like #BoycottInNOut are an unfortunate reality in our digitally connected world. I won’t support the GOP (or DNC) but I’ll happily support In-N-Out Burger. It helps that they know how to do burgers.


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