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“Goofball” in Stand Your Ground incident caught on Uber dashcam before death



After seeing the dashcam video of 34-year-old Jason Boek cutting off and pulling over an Uber driver before getting out of his truck and threatening to shoot someone, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd could only describe Boek as a “goofball.”

He added that “good people carry guns and they will shoot you. A lot. Graveyard dead.”

The video, the actions of Uber driver Robert Westlake, and responses like Sheriff Judd’s will be debated for days. Was it justified under the “Stand Your Ground” laws? Could he have just driven off? Should he have shown his weapon and warned Boek first?

The answer to all of these questions are quite clear based upon the video. Boek demonstrated he was dangerous by using his 3/4-ton pickup in an extremely aggressive manner. He screamed threats that he was going to shoot someone. He approached like a dangerous man with his hand holding an object (his cell phone) while making his threats to kill.

To me, it was justified, Westlake couldn’t just drive off without risking himself and his passenger, and in a split second when an aggressive man is coming towards you with an object pointed at you in the dark, you don’t display your weapon as a warning. You shoot.


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