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Former Marine Bob Hugin closing in on Bob Menendez in New Jersey



As the Fox News headline reads, New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez is in a fight for his political life as challenger Bob Hugin closes in. The Democratic Party has responded by shifting cash to a racethat should have been safely locked up for them.

Hugin, a former Marine and CEO of pharmaceutical company Celgene, has closed the gap from 17% down to 6% in the most recent Quinnipac University poll. His opponent is coming off a long corruption trial that ended in his acquittal.

Menendez, in fight for political life, forcing Dems to spend more on his campaign attacked Menendez over the weekend, saying that if he hadn’t decided to run, Menendez would likely have been re-elected without facing any real opposition.

“My wife and I were just offended that Bob Menendez was going to be reelected without any real opposition. He’s had 35 years of being involved in corruption,” Hugin said during an interview with New York’s WNYM-AM radio, according to the Hill.

The GOP’s Senate majority will be hotly contested in the upcoming midterm elections, but it is appearing more and more likely that Republicans will not only retain control but may end up gaining seats.


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