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CNN lying about lying is an example of their core problem



CNN lying about lying is an example of their core problem

Let’s cut to the chase. CNN feels it needs to defend itself at all costs because it is still stinging from the rebuke it received when its chosen presidential candidate failed to win. They tried so hard, so desperately hard to make Hillary Clinton president that nearly two years later it’s still pretending to be focused on the truth rather than an agenda.

CNN has an agenda and they’re going to ram it down our throats no matter what journalistic lines it needs to cross.

Now, let’s get some background.

Trump Slams CNN’s Debunked Report. CNN Responds, Twitter Explodes.’s comments come in response to an anonymously-sourced report from CNN that claimed that Michael Cohen was willing to tell Special Counsel Robert Mueller that then-candidate Trump knew in advance of the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between several people connected to Trump and a Russian lawyer. Lanny Davis, Cohen’s lawyer, admitted this week that he was one of the sources of the report and that it was not true.

CNN, which has been silent in the face of harsh criticism over the report, quickly responded to Trump’s tweet:

CNN’s core problem is their unwillingness to accept that they cannot sway the people like they thought they could. Whether because of social media, Fox News, an unpredictable candidate in Trump, or a combination of the three, CNN was ill-prepared to deal with the aftermath of a certainty in their minds failing to come to pass. Clinton was supposed to win. She was clearly winning. She couldn’t lose. She was destined and they were going to participate in her anointing.

But it didn’t happen. Then, the implosion of President Trump was supposed to be their revenge. It was the consolation prize. If the people didn’t trust their narrative enough during the 2016 election, then they’ll suffer as a result and CNN was going to be there to remind them of their failures.

But that didn’t happen either. Not yet at least. It may be happening to some extent as the walls appear to be closing in on the President in the last week and a half, but let’s not underestimate the White House’s ability to quickly dismantle the narrative among their base. As for the leftists, they invariably dismantle their own narratives. CNN’s latest shenanigans are just an example.



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