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Will Iran back out of the Iran nuclear deal?



There seems to be two different narratives forming in Iran from the two seats of power. President Hassan Rouhani is pushing for Europe to figure out a way to salvage the deal and stop United States’ sanctions against Iran while Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is saying it’s time to give up hope on Europe being able to act on their behalf.

Rouhani is under increasing pressure to figure something out as every economic indicator in Iran is failing. It’s the worst recession the Middle East nation has seen in decades and shows no signs of getting better any time soon.

For this reason, it is very likely Iran will end up backing out of the deal. Without the United States participating, there’s very little reason for them to continue. They will need to engage even more with Russia and China, potentially even giving up more than they’d like in order to avoid a Venezuela-style collapse.


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