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Leftist Amazon is starting to feel the pain from far-left Bernie



Leftist Amazon is starting to feel the pain from far-left Bernie

When the Tea Party came onto the scene, followed by a rejuvenated push by others to make the Republican Party more conservative and federalism-minded, many on the left embraced it as the far-right attacking the right. Now that they have their own far-left socialist movement to contend with, they’re realizing that many mainstream leftists just aren’t liberal enough to avoid the heat.

The latest victim is Amazon, a company that embraces leftist ideologies and espouses them through their cousins at the Washington Post. Senator Bernie Sanders has them in his cross hairs. Now Amazon is fighting back:

Amazon, in a rare political response, calls Bernie Sanders’ claims of poor worker conditions ‘inaccurate and misleading’“We have been in regular contact with his office and have offered several opportunities for Senator Sanders and his team to tour one of our fulfillment centers,” the company said in a blog post Wednesday. “To date he has still not seen an FC for himself.”

It’s something of a rare public response for Amazon. It has been largely silent amid repeated public attacks by President Donald Trump on the company and CEO Jeff Bezos, who also owns The Washington Post. Trump has attacked Amazon for how the company pays taxes and its payments to the U.S. Postal Service.

Bernie Sanders and his socialist cronies are the most dangerous force to reckon with in these strange political times. To be targeted by them is bad news for Jeff Bezos and Amazon as the fanatical followers of the rising socialist movement seem unwilling to listen to reason. They may not be as organized or intelligent as the early Tea Party movement, but they’re not toothless.

With Donald Trump as President and the GOP in control of both chambers of Congress, the socialists are in the enviable position of being the underdogs. That makes it even harder for Amazon to get their message to resonate.

The best hope for a conservative future is for the Democrats to eat themselves.

Conservative Christian. I write, love cars, and love my country. Retired in Oceanside, California, where it's not okay to be a conservative. They deal with me, though. I have all the guns.

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