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Despite Google’s claims they don’t favor ideologies, there’s an omission they must address



Despite Googles claims they dont favor ideologies theres an important omission they must address

Does Google censor its search results? The answer to that question is directly related to who you ask. Google denies it. Many conservatives swear by it. The debate will probably continue even when Donald Trump leaves the White House.

Google responds to Trump: Denies favoring ideologies in search results | TheHill“When users type queries into the Google Search bar, our goal is to make sure they receive the most relevant answers in a matter of seconds,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement.

“Search is not used to set a political agenda and we don’t bias our results toward any political ideology,” the statement continues. “Every year, we issue hundreds of improvements to our algorithms to ensure they surface high-quality content in response to users’ queries. We continually work to improve Google Search and we never rank search results to manipulate political sentiment.”

What cannot be denied is that Google gave preferential treatment to Trump’s predecessor. During all of President Obama’s State of the Union addresses, Google prominently promoted live viewings on their homepage.

They didn’t do the same for President Trump’s State of the Union addresses.

This is arguably the most clear evidence that Google favors Democrats because they can’t hide behind internet spiders or algorithm technobabble. It was a conscious decision by people in power to promote President Obama’s addresses just as it was a conscious decision by people in power to not promote President Trump’s.

Whether you like President Trump or not, you must come to one conclusion based on this evidence alone. Google didn’t like President Trump days after he moved into the White House at the very latest and demonstrated this with direct, conscious actions. It cannot be denied based on this evidence alone.


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