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Benjamin Netanyahu’s warning to Israel’s enemies



Benjamin Netanyahus warning to Israels enemies

Israel has been threatened with annihilation since before it was even a nation. These threats have often been followed by actions by other nations against Israel and by Israel against her enemies.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated Israel’s long-standing position today, ironically while visiting their little-publicized nuclear reactor at Dimona. The comments were for all but directed particularly towards Iran who today noted they may back out of the nuclear deal.

Will Iran back out of the Iran nuclear deal? is under increasing pressure to figure something out as every economic indicator in Iran is failing. It’s the worst recession the Middle East nation has seen in decades and shows no signs of getting better any time soon.

For this reason, it is very likely Iran will end up backing out of the deal. Without the United States participating, there’s very little reason for them to continue. They will need to engage even more with Russia and China, potentially even giving up more than they’d like in order to avoid a Venezuela-style collapse.

Iran is being backed into a corner and has a difficult time directly reaching the United States. That leaves Israel and possibly even Saudi Arabia as the targets with which it can direct its frustration. While this is always a looming threat, one thing that should be noted about Iran is they haven’t engaged in many direct conflicts since their war with Iraq.

They prefer to use proxies and fund terrorism over direct military intervention. Nevertheless, Israel will remain on its guard.

“Those who threaten to wipe us out put themselves in a similar danger, and in any event will not achieve their goal.”

Source: Reuters

At Dimona reactor, Netanyahu warns Israel’s foes they risk ruin’s remarks, issued by his office in a transcript, came as Israel lobbies world powers to follow the United States in exiting their 2015 deal with Iran that capped the Islamic Republic’s nuclear capabilities.

The Israelis deem the agreement insufficient for denying their arch-foe the means to eventually get the bomb – something that Tehran, which is a signatory to the 1970 nuclear Non-Proliferation Treatry (NPT), denies wanting.

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