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As bad as Andrew Cuomo is, Cynthia Nixon would be worse for New York



As bad as Andrew Cuomo is Cynthia Nixon would be worse for New York

This is the first and almost certainly last time I’ll say anything good about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. In a nutshell, he’s a standard vanilla mainstream Democrat with a handful of crazy progressive ideas. His opponent, actress Cynthia Nixon, is a full-blown progressive monstrosity who looks at ideas on the crazy-meter; the crazier, the better.

Their one and only debate prior to the September 13 primary yielded fireworks with conspiracies ranging from room temperature (Nixon wanted it to be 76 degrees while Cuomo wanted it to be cold) to previous support (Nixon is quoted as thanking God for Cuomo in 2011).

Debate between Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon gets heated accused him of diverting cash from transit repairs elsewhere in the state budget.

“He used the MTA like an ATM,” she said as the tone deteriorated.

“Can you stop lying” she responded.

“As soon as you do,” the governor said.

Cuomo then went after Nixon for lobbying Mayor de Blasio to stop helicopters from flying over the Public Theaters’ performances of Shakespeare in the Park.

My Take

There are times when you take what you can get. New York may not have a conservative or limited-government federalist in the governor’s mansion any time soon, but perhaps we can mitigate the damage by keeping Cuomo camped there. He hurts the state and the nation, but it’s very likely Nixon could take the pain and magnify it through her hyper-progressive lens 10-fold.

I’ll stick with Cuomo.


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