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Lindsey Graham denies collusion between Trump and Russia



Two years after the first calls were made that then-candidate Trump colluded with Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election, Senator Lindsey Graham claims he still hasn’t seen any evidence to back the claims.

Joining “FOX and Friends” this morning, Graham pointed out that there’s more evidence against the DOJ and FBI than the campaign:

Lindsey Graham: “I’ve Seen No Evidence” Of Trump/Russia Collusion, But “Tons” Of Evidence Of Crimes Inside DOJ, FBI LINDSEY GRAHAM: I don’t want to call [Michael Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis] a liar, but the story did not hold water…

Word of caution of the public are trying to convict the president — don’t move so fast. I’ve seen no evidence of collusion after two years. Mueller is looking at it, we’ll see what he says. But plenty of evidence of corruption at the DOJ and FBI, should be stunning. Not one Democrat seems to care.

My Take

Even those who oppose many of the President’s actions and policies such as myself have to agree with Graham to some extent. It’s not that there’s no way to connect the President with Russians, especially when you see contact from so many people in his sphere, but it’s minuscule compared to potential collusion and interference from the Obama Justice Department and Democrats.

Scarlett is a mom and a friend. She blogs for a living but really prefers to read more than write. She writes mostly about politics, but occasionally delves into book and movie reviews.

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