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Lanny Davis does what’s best for Lanny Davis, not his clients or the nation



Lanny Davis does whats best for Lanny Davis not his clients or the nation

Rarely do we see a lawyer insert himself into a story about his client more than Lanny Davis. He has become as much if not more of the story about his client, Michael Cohen, and dealings with President Trump. That’s his right, but it’s still wrong.

Lawyers are supposed to be the buffer between their clients and everyone else. They’re the advocate and therefore should not be as important in any proceedings as the people they represent. This sentiment is lost on Davis who is basking in the fame and guiding the narrative towards him more than towards the actual participants in the Cohen/Trump scandal.

His latest self-promotion was his “admission” that he was the source of the leak to CNN that President Trump knew about the infamous Trump Tower meeting before it occurred:

Lanny Davis Says He Was A Source For CNN’s Trump Tower Story Trump-Russia bombshells often do, the story sparked a dash from media competitors to confirm the news. One by one — from NBC News to CBS News to the Washington Post — they did. When another outlet breaks a story, reporters tend to call up the requisite spokesperson to ask for comment. In this case, that spokesperson was Davis. BuzzFeed News wrote an article about CNN’s story, citing reporting from CNN and NBC News. (Neither Cohen nor his lawyers responded for comment for that BuzzFeed News story.)

My Take

Lawyers shouldn’t be public relations representatives. They shouldn’t be doing interviews, leaking stories, calling people names on Twitter, or drawing the story towards them unless it somehow helps there clients. There are times when leaks and statements can help their clients. This is not one of those cases.

All of Davis’ actions in public to date have been designed to make himself a star. It’s working. Expect Davis to get a variety of nice offers in the coming weeks.


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