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Sweden Democrats, an offshoot of the neo-Nazi movement, poised for huge election gains



Sweden Democrats an offshoot of the neo-Nazi movement poised for huge election gains

For years, Sweden has been an open and popular destination for asylum-seeking migrants, particularly from war-torn Syria and other Middle Eastern nations. The cultural shift that is happening in the country as a result has prompted the rise of Sweden Democrats party, an offshoot of the neo-Nazi movement.

Polls indicate they could seize as much as 20% of the votes, making them the third and possibly even the second biggest party in their parliament.

Sweden’s far-right poised for record election gains far-right first entered parliament in 2010, garnering 5.7 percent of votes cast. Four years later, they more than doubled their score, taking 12.9 percent of votes and 42 of the 349 seats in the 2014 election.

SD also holds one of three deputy speaker positions in parliament, a post occupied by Bjorn Söder, a hardliner who in June said the country’s Jews were “not Swedes”.

The sentiment expressed by the party is growing dramatically in popularity. Crime is on the rise. Income inequality is especially high in a nation that prides itself on small wage gaps. Even many who are not traditionally racist are embracing the party like an emergency stopgap to close the immigration floodgates.


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