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Nobody knows if it’s a new trade deal or an update to NAFTA



Nobody knows if its a new trade deal or an update to NAFTA

From politically biased blogs to Twitter to talk radio, we’re already hearing people cheer or complain about the trade deal between the United States and Mexico. Canada is being inserted into the talking points as either the roadblock or the final piece to the puzzle.

Depending on one’s political preferences and/or affiliations, this is either a great deal or a terrible deal. It’s either a great thing or a terrible thing that the NAFTA name is going to be changed. President Trump either handled it like a champ or a chump.

The most impressive part about all the “analysis” I’ve read today is that the deal hasn’t been finalized or signed and only scant details have been alluded to though nothing official has been released.

Here’s the little we really know so far:

Trump says he’s ‘terminating’ NAFTA, announces new trade agreement with Mexico“They used to call it NAFTA, we are going to call it the United States-Mexico Trade Agreement, and we will get rid of the name NAFTA,” Trump said. “It has a bad connotation because the United States was hurt very badly by NAFTA.”

Trump on Monday called it “one of the largest trade deals ever made.” The U.S. and Mexico have been working to resolve key differences on issues ranging from automobiles to energy.

According to a fact sheet from the United States Trade Representative, the agreement includes new rules of origin to incentivize manufacturers to source goods and materials in North America – including requiring 75 percent of auto content be made in the United States and Mexico.

So basically it’s new NAFTA without Canada for now and with a continued emphasis on automobiles. That’s just not enough information to form a viable opinion, but opinions are already being thrown out there based solely on one’s sentiment towards the President.

Until more information is released, I’m going to hold judgment. Others should, too.


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