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Ohio congressional race decided by less than 2,000 votes



Ohio congressional race decided by less than 2000 votes

Republicans narrowly avoided an embarrassing defeat ahead of midterm elections as Troy Balderson beat his Democratic opponent, Danny O’Connor, by less than 2,000 votes.

The district has been an easy checkmark for Republicans for decades, but the anticipated “blue wave” that could turn the tide for the Democrats in November couldn’t quite pull off the upset in Franklin County, Ohio.

Republican declared winner of Ohio special congressional election the final vote count Balderson received 104,328 votes, or 50.12 percent, and O’Connor had 102,648 votes, or 49.32 percent, according to Franklin County.

“I’m humbled by the support I’ve received from voters and look forward to representing Ohio’s 12th Congressional district in Congress,” Balderson said in a statement. “Danny O’Connor ran a hard-fought race but I look forward to earning the support of voters for a fourth time.”

The campaign isn’t over for either candidate as both are competing for the two-year term in the general election. These results only hold until the the term of retired Pat Tiberi ends in January.

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