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Dear GOP: This is what happens when you trade morals for… whatever you saw in Trump



Dear GOP This is what happens when you trade morals for whatever you saw in Trump

Porn star sex scandals. Crooked lawyers doing crooked things. The National Enquirer spilling whatever beans they may have locked away in the vault. Campaign managers going to jail for a long time. Disgruntled former employees writing books. Playboy Playmates getting paid for silence.

These are the sorts of things that one might expect from Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner. They should have never been the centerpiece of a Republican President’s emerging legacy, yet that’s exactly what we’re seeing. Unfortunately, we could have seen this coming back in 2015 when Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy.

Some of us did, but not enough.

Trump is and always has been a devious, corrupt, lecherous man. He never hid these facts. He wrote books about his devious, corrupt, and lecherous adventures throughout his life. The GOP base he energized with amazing rallies and harsh words knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what this man represented in his life and they chose to let him represent them as a candidate and President.

It hasn’t all been bad, though. Many of the policies enacted while he’s been President have been positive. But there haven’t been nearly enough to justify the baggage and embarrassment he’s brought to his nation and the GOP. Don’t get me wrong; Hillary would have been far worse for different reasons, but Trump’s scandals are still very bad.

If things continue to sink, he may represent the downfall of the Republican Party. If they get worse, he may take the country down with him.

Just as Trump supporters have been calling on NeverTrumpers to admit he’s done some good things, I now call on his supporters to admit overall he has been a terrible mistake. We had Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or Rand Paul who could have done even more on the policy end while not turning the White House into a tabloid punchline. Heck, I would have taken moderate squishes like Jeb Bush or Lindsey Graham over what we have now.

I don’t think I could have made the leap to John Kasich, whose best quality is that he’s not Hillary Clinton.

I am no longer a Republican because of Trump but also because of what he brought to light within the GOP. He’s a symptom of both a party that has forgotten what it represents and a nation that has forgotten what it needs.

The 2016 election could have been the shift towards conservative values and federalist practices that can truly make the country great again. Instead, we have Trump values and big government policies as the backdrop to scandals that would make the Clinton’s blush. All the while, the Republican base seems oblivious to the catastrophes screaming around them.

We are seeing a sharp rise in people willing to adopt abominable ideologies like socialism, reproductive rights superseding human rights, and self-defense abdication. Trump and others in the GOP are giving people reasons to consider the failed economic philosophy that’s destroying Venezuela. They’re making it more and more popular to see pre-born babies as medical side effects to be purged. They’re promoting the notion that it’s not our responsibility to defend our families or have the means to protect ourselves from tyranny.

Trump and the GOP are giving progressives everything they could have ever hoped for: reasons to abandon the conservative values and federalist principles that we so desperately need in America today.

There are two important things that must be immediately learned and forever embedded in the minds of patriotic Americans. The first is obvious from the headline. Never, ever trade morals or values for whatever shiny object Trump represented to you. Whether it was his “straight talk” (that often turned out to be lies) or his bold promises (when do we get the check from Mexico to build the wall?) or the business savvy (more myth than reality since the vast majority of his business endeavors failed miserably), remember that a devious, corrupt, lecherous man will be a devious, corrupt, lecherous President if you put him in office.

The other thing to take away from this debacle is that we must return to the original intent of our founders. Read the Federalist Papers. Learn and teach what is required of self-governance and limited powers. Remember and remind that the individual, the family, and the community are exponentially more important for the success of the nation than anything enacted in DC or at state capitols and therefore should be the seats of power. Our founders didn’t envision the juggernaut of control that DC has become. It’s up to us to take back the power and localize as many political decisions as possible.

This isn’t about “I told you so.” It’s about how we move forward with the expectation that President Trump’s scandals are going to be distractions at best and a catalyst for failure at worst. We the People must work to bring conservative values and federalist philosophies back to the nation. Stop being sycophants. Start being Americans again.


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As predicted, Trump offers DACA amnesty in exchange for border wall



As predicted Trump offers DACA amnesty in exchange for border wall

Throughout Trump’s first two years in office, I’ve been one of only a handful of conservative voices shouting from the rooftops that the New York liberal’s promise to fix America’s out-of-control illegal immigration problem was nothing but a lie.

As a candidate, Trump promised to build a “big beautiful powerful wall” on our southern border at Mexico’s expense, and he promised to overturn Obama’s unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order that allowed illegals to stay in America indefinitely. Unfortunately, the “wall” has become an “artistically designed” barrier of some sort funded by the U.S. taxpayer, and DACA is not only still in effect, it’s on its way to becoming permanent.

While the reality of Trump’s broken promises dealing with illegal immigration have been crystal clear to those not drinking the orange Kool-Aid, his inevitable betrayal on the issue has been brought sharply into focus since last summer.

In May 2018, as Trump and the GOP were looking for ways to save their jobs ahead of the midterms, the House Freedom Caucus joined hands with Democrats to push for a “fix” to DACA.

In June 2018, Paul Ryan proposed a plan that would allow DREAMers to legally stay in the country and be put on the pathway to citizenship in exchange for $23 billion for building a border wall.

Following their September 2018 budget betraying funding everything from Planned Parenthood to DACA and sanctuary cities, rumors began spreading around Washington that Trump was ready to cut an immigration deal with Democrats in light of the reality that the Democrats were about to retake the House in the midterms.

The Democrats did retake the House, and in the days since their victory, Trump and the GOP have been laying the foundation for their inevitable immigration betrayal. With the help of Trump’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner, trading DACA amnesty for a border wall is now the official position of the Trump administration and the GOP-controlled Senate.

So, it came as no surprise when Trump proposed a deal over the weekend to end to his manufactured government shutdown by offering Democrats a three-year extension of DACA in exchange for $5 billion for border security funding — an idea originally conceived by Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Three years? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but that’s just enough time to kick the can down the road until after his 2020 election … assuming there is one. And just in case there are any doubts about the motivation behind this three-year timeframe, consider this: Mitch McConnell, who has refused to let the Senate vote on the shutdown, has endorsed Trump’s offer and will hold vote on it this week.

Mickey is also up for re-election in 2020.

For now, Democrats are rejecting Trump’s offer, but it’s only a matter of time before they get what they want. After all, Trump and the GOP want the same thing.

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David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

Follow the Strident Conservative on Twitter and Facebook.

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Daniel Greenfield discusses Jamie Glazov’s book “Jihadist Psychopath”



Daniel Greenfield discusses Jamie Glazovs book Jihadist Psychopath

Jamie Glazov, managing editor of FrontPage Magazine and host of The Glazov Gang, has written a book that political commentator Dennis Prager says is “one of the most important books of the present time.” That book is “Jihadist Psychopath” and I just ordered a copy for myself.

Daniel Greenfield, Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, made a video about the book that prompted me to order it. Both men are respected defenders of freedom and watchmen over the threat of jihad in America, Israel, and around the world.

As he is wont to do, Greenfield points to leftist politicians as enablers of the jihadists by turning a blind eye to the rise of sharia law across America.

“These servants of the people, public servants, they’re actually masters of the people. They prefer to dictate than to be dictated to. Now, of course, Islamic terrorists will, in their own time, dictate to them. They will dictate to them using Islamic sharia law, but as far as the left is concerned for the moment, these are the people who need them, who are badly, desperately in need of being defended and protected and of course will happily trade their votes in exchange for getting a few benefits on the side.”

He continues on, examining the book’s sober pronouncements of intolerance of anything and anyone who does not bow to sharia law. To jihadists, there is only one acceptable way to live and all other perspectives must be subjugated or eliminated.

“Islamic terrorists have no attraction for anything really positive in life,” Greenfield continues. “They’re drawn to destruction. They’re drawn to emptiness because they themselves are empty. They’re hollow, and that is a central principle of Jamie Glazov’s excellent book.”

Patriots ranging from Steven Emerson to John Bolton are publicly recommending this book. I ordered my copy after watching Greenfield’s video. Freedom-loving Americans should watch it and consider reading “Jihadist Psychopath” by Jamie Glazov.

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Matt Walsh speaks out on #CovingtonCatholic students and the fake controversy surrounding them



Matt Walsh speaks out on CovingtonCatholic students and the fake controversy surrounding them

When white Catholic students wearing MAGA hats are caught on video face-to-face with Native Americans on one side and Black Hebrew Israelites on the other, they’re definitely bigoted white supremacist hatemongers who went out looking for minorities to persecute. At least that’s how mainstream media and a good chunk of social media reacted when they saw the initial videos and images of smirking MAGA children.

But that’s not how it went down. It was the exact opposite of how it went down.

When the story first broke, I saw many of my fellow conservatives on Twitter scolding the kids while the progressive gangs attacked them. I held my tongue. It’s not because I don’t speak out against bigotry regardless of which side of the political, religious, or cultural aisle it comes from, but something seemed fishy. Other than having a disconcerting smirk, I didn’t see anything in the kids that resembled the type of bigoted outbursts we’ve seen in the past from actual white supremacists, Antifa, or other hate groups.

It seemed staged. As it turned out, it wasn’t quite staged, per se, but it was manufactured by the two “victim” groups who went after the MAGA kids, not the other way around. As political and religious commentator Matt Walsh asked, were they supposed to drop down to the fetal position when approached by the two groups?

Hot takes on social and legacy media are often based on incomplete pictures. Before people get outraged and attack others over perceptions based on partial evidence, perhaps we should wait until the whole story comes to light. Just a thought.

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