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Conservative Picks for Alaska Primary



Conservative Picks for Alaska Primary

There is only one race here and that is the state’s at-large House seat. Dan Young, along with Lisa Murkowski show how politically indifferent people in Alaska may be. It’s inexcusable to let someone sit in Congress for 4 decades. He doesn’t know the concept of not living off of taxpayer. It’s also slimy to want the exact same political position for 46 years. He must be removed, but its unlikely to happen. He does however have one serious opponent. Thomas “John” Nelson is his Conservative opponent.

The Anchorage Daily News reports:

Nelson blames citizen apathy, and said that “our schools and pulpits” are teaching people not to talk about politics and religion, and that is keeping people from getting involved.

That said, Nelson has nothing negative to say about Young. He said he would embrace the congressman’s many years of experience, but that it’s time to start fresh.

“When I was in the sixth grade, I sent a letter to the newly elected congressman Don Young,” Nelson said. “In my first election, I voted for Ronald Reagan and Don Young… (and) have faithfully voted for Don Young ever since,” he said. But at some point, it’s time for a new generation, he said. Young is 85 years old on June 9.

Nelson is surely an upgrade from Dan Young. Despite having voted for Young, Nelson does not support Alaska’s other RINOs. In 2016, he worked for Joe Miller’s campaign to oppose Lisa Murkowski. This is further proof of what might be a genuine Conservative in Alaska.

Conservative Pick: Thomas “John” Nelson

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