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Jonathan Van Ness gives Democrats sound advice, gets demonized for it



Jonathan Van Ness gives Democrats sound advice gets demonized for it

The Democratic Party is in shambles. They’re still flustered over an election two years ago and have been pointing fingers at each other ever since. The far-left socialists have gained a foothold in the party, making it less likely they’ll be able to make a dent in the coming midterm elections.

“Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness knows this and voiced two apparently unpopular opinions that have enraged his fan base and made him the target of the far left. First, he made the logical statement that going to far to the left will hurt their chances of taking the House and Senate.

That was bad from the progressives’ perspective, but his follow up Tweet sent them reeling into triggered oblivion.

The narrative from the left is that ALL Republicans are racist. Therefore, Van Ness is no longer the leftist hero he once was. Shame. He was actually starting to make sense.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Public Citizen

    August 16, 2018 at 9:27 pm

    The Democratic Party began to experience failure after the 2012 Democratic National Convention.
    What triggered the start of the Descent Into Madness that we are currently witnessing?
    At the DNC in 2012 the Democrats, in open convention with broadcast hookups worldwide, Denied God 3 Times. This event occurred with the gavel in the hands of Antonio Villaragosa, a Catholic, who understood the implications of the denial and attempted to persuade them to reconsider. The convention refused.
    Since that pivotal event the Democrats have lost seats at the national level and in statehouses across the nation. We are currently witness to what can only be characterized as insanity spewing from the mouths of numerous “leaders” within the party, and the level of stridency and disconnect from reality are only getting worse.

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