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If Trump was literally Hitler



If Trump was literally Hitler

In today’s hyperbolic political age, the worst of political comparisons are employed. To combat this excessive use of language, it’s best to call people who compare Trump to Hitler out. The “If Series” is a series of articles that explores arguments made by the Left, and evaluates the premises of the conclusions that they draw.

What does that make you?

So you suggest that Trump is Hitler? Surely you’re not being hyperbolic! Yet if Trump were an orange Adolf Hitler, what does that make you? A passive citizen of the Third Reich? Surely the comparison is not accurate. In today’s society, we can look back on Adolf Hitler and numerous other dictators. The German people could not look back and see a “Hitler” prior to their own. Outside of references that are almost exclusive to German history they didn’t really have one. The only real villain in the World War 1 were the Ottomans who massacred Armenians. So because of lack of precedent, today’s American can be held to a higher moral standard because today’s American can more easily recall in history a genocidal dictator. Thus, if Trump is a genocidal dictator, opposing him is critical to saving lives. Failing to oppose this evil is permitting the evil to exist. #Resist is insufficient. Protesting is insufficient. One must take crucial and if necessary, violent steps, to oppose President Donald Trump. This call to action my sound extreme, but if Trump was Hitler, extreme actions are warranted and obligatory for those who care about freedom and their neighbors. We have seen such instances where extremities were necessary. In Syria and Iraq, many ordinary people took up arms to oppose ISIS. If Trump is Hitler, we should respond like so.

Political Scapegoats

Perhaps the item that inspires the most comparison is the premise that Trump is exploiting a political scapegoat. But what group, or groups represent the scapegoats? The most clear cut answer is Muslims and Migrants. The claim to Trump’s holocaust being against Muslims sprang from the suggestion of a travel ban. The Travel ban was a temporary measure that did not include majority of the world’s Muslim population, however? This argument is a stretch and hardly any additional policy formations have arisen.

The idea that illegal immigrants however is a more foundation stance. Trump’s increased rhetoric against illegal immigration does have multiple policies in place or desired. But is Trump’s endgame really annihilation? Adolf Hitler was so devoted to exterminating the Jews, he refused to redirect resources away from his genocidal operation to the war effort. Trump’s obsession with illegal immigration doesn’t lead one to conclude a genocidal result for illegal immigrants. Rather, Trump isn’t even super Conservative. He is actually willing to bend on DACA.

The biggest support for a future Holocaust is the detainment of illegal immigrant families. Though the amount of unaccompanied minors dwarfs the separated migrants, the hyper-focus on a few thousand individuals sure does engender Holocaust comparisons for Trump’s opponents. Yet one is left wondering how illegal immigrants in contemporary America compare to Jews under Nazi Germany. Illegal immigrants are afforded a multitude of rights including due process of law. They have powerful interest groups lobbying on their behalf and protecting them from deportation and discovery. The Jews never posed a real drain on the German government or society, nor is there data that shows they committed violent crime disproportionate to gentiles. But after contrasting Jews and illegal immigrants, one could suppose that this is motivation for Trump’s holocaust but only after a logical yoga class session.

Military Ambitions

Trump has ambitions to enlarge and maintain the strength of the US military. It is welknown that Adolf Hitler sought to make Germany’s military the most powerful force ever created. Trump has this same goal in mind and has acted on it accordingly. He is in the process of launching the Space Force, a sixth military service branch that no other nation possesses. Trump has also flexed military muscles on numerous occasions, in Syria, Afghanistan, and other places abroad. On the diplomatic front, Trump is no friend of Iran and has insisted the US allies quit freeloading on America’s strength. The biggest contrast in these military ambitions is conquest. America has no plans to conquer Canada. Mexico can get a free pass, like Sweden, because its so poorly managed it would be too much work to annex. So while Trump and Hitler both cared about their respective military strengths, their end goals are different. But this remains the strongest ground of comparison, although military ambition was also the least evil thing about Hitler’s regime.

Political Rivals

Nazi Germany was widely known for a revolving door of generals when the tide of war was changing. Hitler dismissed generals left and right for defying his orders or experiencing failure in executing them. Trump on the other hand is very lax, if not overly lax with political rivals. His election opponent, Hillary Clinton remains free and uncharged. James Comey wasn’t immediately fired, nor were McCabe or Strzok. In fact, Trump naively allowed many creatures of the Obama administration to remain in their positions of power. Most notably, they are all still alive, which is more than what we can say for all of Hillary Clinton’s defectors.

Trump also has a unique rival compared to any other US President: the media. But can Trump’s tweets and skipping out on the Whitehouse Correspondent’s Dinner really amount to Gestapo tactics of Hitler’s regime? Trump hasn’t even pulled any press credentials. Hitler also had greater control over information the public could obtain. Trump’s cabinet started out as a sieve. But overall, Trump is generous to his rivals in comparison to Hitler.


Hitler’s policies killed millions of people. However, it is proving difficult to measure the casualties of pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, implementing tax cuts, and rescinding Net Neutrality requirements. Hysteria aside, lets break down what each governance was. Hitler represented the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. His regime was fascist, which is a form of socialism with a high emphasis on nationalism.

Trump is the leader of the Republican Party. Within American politics, the Republicans favor nationalism, but in no way are they a “worker’s party” or socialist. But his nationalist leaning must invite similarities to Hitler? They would if Trump’s presidency was closer to totalitarianism. Scaling back regulations like Net Neutrality is quite the opposite of totalitarian. Taking steps to protect religious liberties, as Trump has, is also the opposite of what Hitler did.

There is common ground to be had with transgenders in the military. However, transgenderism wasn’t a thing in World War 2, but one can speculate that Hitler also would not have allowed transgenders to enlist. Other similarities include wanting to expand infrastructure. Hitler gave Germany a New Deal that actually worked. Trump has yet to accomplish his infrastructure ambitions, but would if he could which is allowable for this comparison.

Perhaps the most telling is that when Trump’s political opponent demanded that Trump pass gun restrictions, Trump largely refused. Dictatorship 101 would suggest that totalitarian dictators don’t want an armed opposition, yet Trump not only allows an armed (peaceful) opposition, he allows a vocal opposition as well.

Final Thoughts

A complete contrast of Trump and Hitler would be a lengthy book, but even in attempting to formulate the best comparison of Trump being a modern day Hitler fails to measure up. In governance, Trump is nothing close to Hitler. He’s not even on the same side of the political spectrum as Hitler. Perhaps when someone calls Trump Hitler, its best to follow their hyperbole by challenging their inaction. If Trump is Hitler, they are morally accountable for doing so little to stop him. But perhaps people should learn history and not employ such ridiculous comparisons because they can’t control their feelings or formulate an argument.


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