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Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda principles are paying dividends for Trump



Joseph Goebbels propaganda principles are paying dividends for Trump

“If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will come to believe it yourself” is a law of propaganda often attributed to Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. Though never proven to be spoken or written by Goebbels, these words are a reflection of his philosophy about how the use of propaganda can sway the masses.

As the man who once kept a copy of the book, My New Order — a collection of Hitler’s speeches — on his bedside, Trump has proven to be a man who can appreciate the power of propaganda and its ability to shape public opinion to his advantage.

Since the days of his 2016 campaign and continuing still today, Trump has relied on one of the propaganda tools used by Joseph Goebbels during the rise of Nazi Germany by referring to unfavorable news media as “Fake News.” Goebbels called the media Lügenpresse which translated is “lying press.”

Lately, Trump has doubled down on another propaganda strategy of Joseph Goebbels by referring to unfavorable media as the “enemy of the American people.” It was during the reign of the Third Reich that Goebbels released his “Ten anti-Jewish Commandments” where he called the Jews “a sworn enemy of the German people” who posed a risk to Adolph Hitler’s vision for Germany.

History has proven that the propaganda principles of Joseph Goebbels were tragically successful. And just as tragically, Trump’s use of these same propaganda principles is beginning to have a level of success today.

According to an Ipsos poll released yesterday, a disturbing number of respondents expressed support for granting Trump the authority to “close news outlets engaged in bad behavior,” and an equally disturbing number agreed with the sentiment that the news media is “the enemy of the American people.

More disturbing, however, is how the survey breaks down by party affiliation. While the overall response to the question granting Trump the authority to close news outlets was only 26 percent favorable, 43 percent of Republicans favored giving him this tyrannical power. Likewise, 29 percent of respondents agreed that the media is the enemy of the American people, but nearly half (48 percent) of Republicans agreed.

Overall, 85 percent of respondents agreed that a free press “is essential for American democracy” and 68 percent believed the media should be protected from government pressure. While those numbers are majorities, the fact that anyone would accept the ideas that freedom of the press isn’t necessary to protect liberty and that the government to have the power to pressure the media is unacceptable to this constitutional conservative.

The results of this survey confirms two indisputable facts: Trump has succeeded in molding the GOP into his own image, and his use of the same propaganda principles used by Joseph Goebbels is destroying our Constitutional rights and edging America ever closer to becoming Nationalist Socialist state.

Originally posted on The Strident Conservative.


David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

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Smear campaigns against Rick Scott start just as he pulls ahead in the polls



Smear campaigns against Rick Scott start just as he pulls ahead in the polls

Florida has a penchant for tight races. This year is no different with both the gubernatorial and Senate races polling within the margin of error to be considered a toss up. In the latter race, Governor Rick Scott just pulled ahead of Senator Bill Nelson.

On cue, mainstream media and the leftist blogosphere started rallying for Nelson. First, the New York Times posted a highly biased article claiming Scott’s blind trust was blind in name only. The accusatory headline is damaging but the story itself only reveals that he may have been able to see where his money was going if he jumped through a few hoops. It did not show he took advantage of these hoops and there are no indications that he did.

Then, The Young Turks pieced together a “gotcha’ moment when members of a financial firm donated to a pro-Scott superPAC. Then, the state’s pension system invested using the financial firm. Scott is a trustee. Here’s the thing, though. Scott has no influence on how money is invested.

“Neither the Trustees nor their appointed members to the Investment Advisory Council (IAC) are involved in the selection of investments,” SBA spokesman John Kuczwanki told The Young Turks. “Any suggestion that politics influenced the SBA’s investment decision on the Cerberus FSBA Levered Loan Opportunities Fund is baseless and without merit.”

Despite the honesty of the rebuttals, mainstream media and the leftist blogosphere are operating with the singular goal of stopping as many Republicans from winning on election day as possible. There is no merit to either allegation, but it’s easy for the left to distort and confuse just enough to make an uninformed voter question Scott’s integrity.

Florida is better following Scott’s stint as governor. Florida and America will be better off with Scott over Nelson in the Senate.

Democrats and their media proxies count on a majority of people not understanding how blind trusts and pension investments work. They insinuate corruption where none exists in hopes that most won’t see the truth.

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Project Veritas stings Claire McCaskill, but also exposes a sad truth about American politics



Project Veritas stings Claire McCaskill but also exposes a sad truth about American politics

Project Veritas, the undercover journalists who bring us a steady flow of videos revealing leftist hypocrisies and scandals, was able to get some good dirt on Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill. She’s all in for just about every bit of gun control legislation that can make it to the floor, a stance that won’t sit well in right-leaning Missouri.

But there’s something else revealed in this and past videos by Project Veritas. There are things that certain politicians simply cannot say which promotes the atmosphere of lies and subterfuge that plague our nation’s capital. She’s a “moderate” Democrat when speaking to her constituents, a play that’s necessary in a red state. The same is true for blue state Republicans who can’t come out and say they want to ban abortions or other right-wing priorities because the general sentiment in these states oppose those views.

What we’ve seen is that the youthful, energetic, passionate people who make up the campaign staff and volunteers are often much further to the left than the candidates they support. The same is almost certainly true for Republican campaign staff and volunteers who are likely more conservative than their candidate. What does this really tell us?

Most politicians must cater to the middle while they’re driven by the ideological fringe. This creates a contradiction that cannot be reconciled in today’s two-party political atmosphere.

Is there a solution? Yes. We’ll discuss that after the election. In the meantime, we’ll support the push to keep majorities for Republicans in the House and Senate.

If there’s a red state Democrat that deserves to be moved out of office, it’s Claire McCaskill. The question is whether Missourians will see McCaskill as the centrist she wants them to see or the far-left activists she really is.

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There’s one glaring difference between 60 Minutes’ interviews with Presidents Obama and Trump



Theres one glaring difference between 60 Minutes interviews with Presidents Obama and Trump

Anyone who expected the 60 Minutes interview with President Trump to be anything like their interviews with his predecessor was likely very disappointed. Mainstream media might pretend like they treated the two Presidents the same, but the differences in interviews on 60 Minutes may be the most stark evidence their claim on being unbiased is an absolute lie.

Here’s a portion of the interview with President Trump, which aired tonight:

“Journalist” Lesley Stahl spoke over the President multiple times. If you watch the entire interview, you’ll see that this happened throughout. She would ask a question, most of which were attempts at “gotcha” responses, then would interrupt the President any time he didn’t give the answer she was wanting.

Now, compare that to the interview in the early days of the Obama administration.

Steve Kroft was the embodiment of politeness and civility. He sat aptly silent as President Obama gave his answers.

Mainstream media has given up on pretending they don’t hate President Trump. It no longer behooves him to do these interviews, giving higher ratings to leftist media outlets that simply don’t deserve it.

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