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Jim Jordan understands the people aren’t happy with Congress



Jim Jordan understands the people arent happy with Congress

The phrases “elected official” and “self-aware” are rarely used in the same sentence outside of satire. American politicians in recent years have been grossly unaware of their place in the hearts and minds of the American people. They either don’t recognize how they’re viewed or they deflect the knowledge in a way that won’t damage their egos.

Representative Jim Jordan seems to have a better understanding than most.

“I believe we have given the American people reason to question our commitment to reform.”

If anything, this is an understatement. Obamacare still stands relatively unscathed nearly two years after its death warrant was signed by the American people during the 2016 elections. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The quote was made while Jordan was announcing his intentions to run for Speaker of the House.

How Jim Jordan could save Congress for the GOP conservative has been a thorn in the side of establishment Republicans. As an active member and former leader of the House Freedom Caucus, Jordan has spearheaded attempts to block Republican legislation that leaned too far to the left. Many if not most Republicans in Congress would normally balk at the notion of making him the most powerful man on Capitol Hill.

Source: WXQW

Conservative Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan to run for House speaker’s pitch was a more conservative vision for the House conference. He outlined his commitment to repeal the Affordable Care Act — more commonly referred to as Obamacare — once and for all, reform the welfare system, boost border security and make the tax cuts Congress passed in 2017 permanent.

“I believe we have given the American people reason to question our commitment to reform,” Jordan wrote.

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Tim Cook’s quote on technology sounds true, except that it’s a total lie



Tim Cook's quote on technology sounds true, except that it's a total lie

With a cursory read, one might hear what Tim Cook recently said and think that it’s a reasonable explanation for the “evils” of the world that stem from technology intended for good. In reality, it’s complete garbage.

There is no technology that can be used for evil purposes today that left the creators baffled when their works were turned into tools for evil. None. From the easiest examples like nuclear fission and fusion being turned into weapons technology to the more commonplace evils such as privacy bending to the will of those behind smart devices, all major technologies are understood for their basic uses. That’s not to say that every use can be anticipated, but nothing gets created without the understanding of its potential evil uses.

We are given an understand by our Creator that the things we dream up can be used for good or evil regardless of its intended purpose. This is a given in the world of technological advancement.

Perhaps what Cook meant to say is that creators of modern technology willfully ignore negative applications of their creations for the sake of advancing current technology beyond itself. Creators don’t get rich or famous by subverting creations for the sake of their potential evil use. It’s human nature to create things, and just about any creation of man is something that can be used for evil.

Here’s the quote, which oddly enough I found while exploring the political ramifications of Cook’s assessment on regulations. That part was boring and predictable, but his defense of tools of evil that had righteous original intentions is the one that caught my attention.

Apple’s Tim Cook says regulation of Silicon Valley is ‘inevitable’ the issue of smartphone addiction, Cook admits he is still glued to his phone for “several hours” a day, but looking at his trends over time he’s picking up his phone less.

“Technology is good or evil as you put it depending upon the creator,” Cook said. “Many times it’s not that the Creator set out to do evil. It’s that there wasn’t an anticipation of these negative things that it could be used for.”

It’s very possible that Cook really does mean well, but he runs a company that thrives on consumers perceived needs to stay connected, entertained, and trackable everywhere they go. If he thinks that wasn’t Apple’s intention, he’s delusional.

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Benjamin Netanyahu replies to calls for an early election in Israel



Benjamin Netanyahu replies to calls for an early election in Israel

Israel is in the midst of political turmoil. The current government is held together by a razor-thin majority coalition. The Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, just took over as Defense Minister following the resignation of Avigdor Liberman last week. A tenuous cease fire is in place with Hamas in Gaza.

Now isn’t the time to be calling for early elections, the Prime Minister said.

Netanyahu meets with coalition partner to stop government collapse Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is meeting with his top coalition partner in a “last effort” to prevent the collapse of his government which has been rocked by the resignation of its defence minister over a ceasefire agreement with Gaza militants.

Speaking at his weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said it would be unwise to embark on a divisive election campaign during such a sensitive time for Israeli security. He said he would try to convince the finance minister, Moshe Kahlon, and his centrist Kulanu party to stay in the fold.

“We are in one of the most complex security situations and during a period like this, you don’t topple a government. During a period like this, you don’t go to elections.”

He’s right. There are times when government shakeups simply don’t make sense. This is one of them for Israel. That’s not to say there’s ever a good time for a shakeup in Israel, but the last thing they need right now is another distraction.

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Entertainment and Sports

Hey Kansas: If you get Les Miles, the funny quotes come free



Hey Kansas If you get Les Miles, the funny quotes come free

The Kansas Jayhawks have had a rough football season. They’ve had several rough football seasons. Today’s loss to the Oklahoma Sooners showed a spark of offense for a team that may not be as bad as their record indicates. They also got some good news on the coaching front.

Les Miles may be coming to Lawrence.

The coach that won a national championship with LSU and helped put Oklahoma State on the college football map may try to do the same for the Jayhawks if rumors turn out to be correct.

Beyond being a great coach, Miles has built a reputation for saying some of the funniest things to the press. Here’s one of my personal favorites:

“When I wake up in the morning and I turn that film on, it’s like reading a book and it’s exciting. I don’t read books, but if I read books it would be like reading a book.”

I do hope to see Miles coaching at KU. They need him. The Big 12 needs him. Football fans in general need him.

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