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Jim Jordan understands the people aren’t happy with Congress



Jim Jordan understands the people arent happy with Congress

The phrases “elected official” and “self-aware” are rarely used in the same sentence outside of satire. American politicians in recent years have been grossly unaware of their place in the hearts and minds of the American people. They either don’t recognize how they’re viewed or they deflect the knowledge in a way that won’t damage their egos.

Representative Jim Jordan seems to have a better understanding than most.

“I believe we have given the American people reason to question our commitment to reform.”

If anything, this is an understatement. Obamacare still stands relatively unscathed nearly two years after its death warrant was signed by the American people during the 2016 elections. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The quote was made while Jordan was announcing his intentions to run for Speaker of the House.

How Jim Jordan could save Congress for the GOP conservative has been a thorn in the side of establishment Republicans. As an active member and former leader of the House Freedom Caucus, Jordan has spearheaded attempts to block Republican legislation that leaned too far to the left. Many if not most Republicans in Congress would normally balk at the notion of making him the most powerful man on Capitol Hill.

Source: WXQW

Conservative Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan to run for House speaker’s pitch was a more conservative vision for the House conference. He outlined his commitment to repeal the Affordable Care Act — more commonly referred to as Obamacare — once and for all, reform the welfare system, boost border security and make the tax cuts Congress passed in 2017 permanent.

“I believe we have given the American people reason to question our commitment to reform,” Jordan wrote.

Conservative Christian. I write, love cars, and love my country. Retired in Oceanside, California, where it's not okay to be a conservative. They deal with me, though. I have all the guns.

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