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Mike Pence may be needed for Brett Kavanaugh vote



Brett Kavanaugh found himself nominated for the Supreme Court during an election year. This is sure to rally the butthurt among Democrats who bemoan the Merrick Garland nomination. This was the case back in 2017 when President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to the bench. Only this time, the circumstances are less favorable for Republicans.

Fewer Republicans

Breaking it down, the GOP lost a seat held by Senator Strange to Doug Jones, courtesy of the disaster that was Roy Moore. Jones victory resulted in a -1 for the Republicans and a +1 for the Democrats in this vote. Though, he may be a wild card. Inconveniently, the GOP will be -1 again with the absence of John McCain. McCain, being too ill to perform his duties to the State of Arizona, is selfishly clutching the Senate seat and the crucial vote in a gridlocked Senate. Perhaps the nomination by Trump will result in increased pressure on McCain to resign. This is possible seeing that Brett Kavanaugh was a major insider to the second Bush administration. John McCain could, though unlikely, make the flight just for the vote. Though McCain is an untrustworthy Senator, for Conservatives, the ties to the Bush administration make it more likely he would support the nomination and fly out to do so. Otherwise McCain could retire and the Arizona governor would appoint a temporary replacement.

But assuming there is none of this and present circumstances remain in place, this is a -1 for the GOP. This of course means that there will be 99 votes consisting of 50 Republicans and 49 Democrats (current Independents counted as Democrats). The simple majority favors the Republicans, but that is too simple for politics in DC.

Insert Wildcards

On the Republican side we have multiple wildcards. The least concerning of which is Senator Rand Paul. Rand Paul will raise concerns but is likely to vote in favor of the nomination. So far, he’s had this much to say:

John McCains seat is another GOP wildcard. The most concerning of wildcards may be Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, who are among the most leftist Senators in the GOP. Murkowski is most likely to defect. But looking at history, they both voted in favor of the Gorsuch nominations. Similar to the Gorsuch nomination, if Murkowski and Collins had voiced their oppositions, the three Democratic defectors may have stayed with party lines. It’s a tough gamble to expect them to vote nay, but it is possible out of defiance they would not vote.

In confirming Neil Gorsuch, three democrats defected: Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Donnelly of Indiana. All three are in red states. All three are facing an election. Manchin’s election prospects are dim as he is facing a very formidable opponent. Heitkamp is also facing an opponent who can win a statewide election. The same cannot be said of Joe Donnelly in Indiana. Doug Jones is perhaps a wild card, if only because he wasn’t around to vote on Gorsuch. But I don’t consider him one in the next roll count.

But to count again, excluding wildcards we are at 48 Republicans, 46 Democrats, 5 Wildcards and 1 Absentee. Again a simple majority bodes well for the GOP, if the five wildcards split nicely. Democrats would need 4/5 of the wildcards to vote no. Upfront, the most likely is Donnelly. But perhaps the others will accept their political demise and vote no anyway. Perhaps they abstain and an even number results in a tie. In which case, Mike Pence will do the honors of casting a vote for Brett Kavanaugh.

For the Kananaugh nomination, expect bitter politics, and don’t be surprised if we wait until January


Breaking free of the GOP Matrix



If you’re a Facebook user, you’re no doubt familiar with the “memories” feature. Users who click this link can look back at posts and other activities made on a specific date in years past. For example, on July 18th, 2018, I was able to look at activity from July 18th, 2017, July 18th, 2016, and so on.

While I often find little value in these brief trips down memory lane, yesterday’s journey reminded me of why I do what I do as the Strident Conservative.

On July 18th, 2016, the Republic National Convention kicked off its coronation of a New York liberal as its candidate for president. As a #NeverTrump conservative at the time, I had great hope that the #FreeTheDelegates effort would save the GOP from itself.

Using the movie The Matrix as an example in a piece I wrote that day, I challenged conservative delegates attending the convention to break free from the Republican Party and to rescue others trapped in the GOP Matrix.

In the movie, we learn of a world created by machines that makes slaves of the human race and uses them as fuel to feed its existence. We also learn how “agents” of the Matrix hunt down and destroy those trying to escape, but how one man, Neo, defeats the agents and sets the captives free.

Likewise, I wrote how I saw Americans as slaves to the Washington machine to be used as fuel to feed its existence. I also observed how party leadership served as the agents working to destroy conservative who were trying to escape and how only being like Neo would we have any hope of escaping the GOP Matrix.

Obviously, the Matrix was victorious two years ago. And unfortunately, the machine world of the GOP has grown even more powerful as Trump, much like agent Smith in the movie, has seized complete control of the GOP Matrix. At the same time, party leadership continues to play its role as agents bent on destroying conservatives and protecting the machine.

So, why am I happy about this trip down memory lane? Because it’s a reminder to me that the fight’s not over. And as we approach the mid-term election in November, it’s also a reminder that today is an opportunity to free another conservative from the GOP Matrix.

That’s where this Neo is. Are there any other Neo’s out there who want to join me?

Originally posted on The Strident Conservative.


David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

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Trump failed with Putin due to anti-Trump Republicans and fake news



Following Trump’s bizarre performance at the Helsinki Summit with his BFF Vladimir Putin, bi-partisan condemnation of his press conference was swift and severe after he expressed his willingness to accept Putin’s word that Russia didn’t interfere with the 2016 election, despite findings by US intelligence proving otherwise.

Not to worry, though. Following this backlash, and now that he’s home and a safe distance away from Putin, Trump’s false bravado was back on full display yesterday as he attempted to backtrack from his previous statements about Russian interference.

According to Trump, he didn’t reject US intelligence in favor of Russia; he simply misspoke. He’s always believed Russia interfered. He’s just a victim of the English language.

“The sentence should have been ‘I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be Russia,’ sort of a double negative. So you can put that in and I think it probably clarifies things pretty good.

“I have on numerous occasions noted our intelligence findings that Russians attempted to interfere in our elections.”

But Trump’s difficulty with contractions isn’t the only reason for this apparent misunderstanding. Not at all. The real culprit, as is always the case when the news is unfavorable, is the “Fake News” media.

Sadly, criticism of Trump’s Helsinki remarks has been noticeably missing in some so-called conservative circles in Washington and in the media. Not only that, they have joined the Trump echo chamber in defending him.

For example, according to Trump, Sen. Rand Paul agreed with his claim that the Mueller investigation was responsible for Trump’s troubling comments.

Additionally, in an interview with Trump Pravda (FOX News), Paul called out Republicans who criticized Trump, labelling them pro-war and/or anti-Trump for doing so.

“Republicans that are making the criticism are either the pro-war Republicans like McCain and Graham or the anti-Trump ones like Sasse … They are motivated by their persistent and consistent dislike of the president.”

In the House of Representatives, so-called conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus embraced Trump’s “Fake News” mantra, arguing that the media’s criticism of Trump’s statements had overshadowed his accomplishments concerning Russia. At least, that’s how Freedom Caucus member Rep Warren Davidson sees it:

“The reality is people are upset about what President Trump said, but they’re not giving him credit for what he’s done.”

Is it just me, or shouldn’t what you say jive with what you do? I think they call that walking the talk.

Meanwhile, sounding like he wrote Trump’s “Fake News” talking points, the conservative talk show host formerly known as Rush Limbaugh, also blames the media for Trump’s pro-Russia comments, saying that their “embarrassingly shallow and puerile, infantile questions” were responsible.

So, take heart, America. Trump didn’t mean what he said when he said it. He was simply playing 3-D chess with the Russian President, and anyone who thinks otherwise only does so because they are pro-war, anti-Trump, and they believe fake news.

Originally posted on The Strident Conservative.


David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

Follow the Strident Conservative on Twitter and FacebookSubscribe to receive podcasts of radio commentaries: iTunes | Stitcher | Tune In | RSS

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Video: What is a Classical Liberal?




A short video making the point that the Left is no longer Liberal, having traded individualism for collectivism.

In one of their first animated video shorts, the Rubin Report discusses the vitally important topic of just who is a Classical Liberal.

OUR FIRST ANIMATED VIDEO! What is a Classical Liberal?

Liberalism has been confused with Leftism or progressivism, which is actually has nothing to do with classical Liberalism. Sadly the Left is no longer Liberal at all for it has traded individualism for collectivism.

The Rubin Report
Published on Jul 10, 2018

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